To Detox or Not?

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“Detox” is an oft used word in the the health industry, but rarely is it clearly defined. I have friends that use the word simply to describe abstaining from fast food and alcohol for more than 24 hours. While this is a good idea, simply abstaining from the toxic fare of modern life for 24 hours is probably not significant enough to be qualified as a detox. 

Detox, or detoxification simply means to rid your body of toxins – a word, in and of itself, that has become very nebulous in the health community. It seems like everything bad has toxins and everything good doesn’t. “Rids the body of toxins,” is a claim on many bottles of supplements, and there seems to be a new cleanse or detox craze that comes out every week. Proponents of detox claim that detoxing/cleansing can make you feel and look younger, have more energy, and think more clearly – a veritable fountain of youth. Many people swear by them, but many people in the medical community have less than positive things to say. 

I wrote a week ago about the mold in my parents attic and the inevitability of mold exposure. Since I know with a level of certainty I’ve been exposed to mold, I want to take steps to ensure that it won’t affect me long term. Getting rid of on board mycotoxins and limiting exposure to anymore seems like a very good idea.

In it’s own way, the Kaufmann 1 diet is a detox. Kaufmann 1 diet starves fungi; ridding fungi also ensures they aren’t releasing poisons into your body. The Kaufmann 1 also seeks to limit exposure to fungal toxins, or mycotoxins that commonly contaminate the food supply in America. According to Ruth Etzel, if you eat grain or corn, you are nearly guaranteed to consume a tiny bit of these virulent mycotoxins, many of which are implicated in diseases as serious as cancer.

Working for Doug, I’ve learned a number of methods and supplements useful for detoxing – in this case detoxifying mycotoxins. Last time I mentioned psyllium hulls and green food. These are definitely key, but you can add a few more things to your arsenal. 

Bentonite Clay 
Kyle Drew is the man who introduced me to bentonite clay. This clay comes in either a powder or a liquid and can be taken on a daily basis. It helps soak up toxins in the same way psyllium hulls does and helps to move them through the bowels. You can also add bentonite clay to a warm bath – the clay is supposed to pull toxins out through the skin. 

Far Infrared Sauna
Based on my experience with saunas, I can give you some qualitative advice; they are awesome! Sweating in general is a great way to help detox, especially if that sweating is the result of exercise. However, the far infrared sauna helps liberate toxins deeper within the tissues. Shower immediately following to rinse off the sweat. I have never slept better in my life than after half an hour in a far infrared sauna. 

Milk Thistle 
As one of the most important filter organs, it is especially vital to keep your liver in optimal shape. Milk thistle will provide some added support for your liver, which has the thankless task of metabolizing many of the substances we ingest.