The PSA Test-Does it Work?

What do we do when the PSA test that millions of men and their doctors have relied on as a prostate cancer test is proven ineffective? 
a) Keep using the PSA test
b) Keep billing insurance companies for PSA tests
c) Start damage control by having experts question it 
d) All of the above

I believe the proper answer is “d.”

Richard Ablin, MD, the doctor who developed the PSA test stated; “As I’ve been trying to make clear for years now, PSA testing can’t detect prostate cancer. It is a hugely expensive public health disaster.”

Many men have been over diagnosed and fear has likely driven their decisions to undergo invasive and unnecessary procedures. They have spent unnecessary money for unnecessary medications. Why do we keep using PSA tests?

My Take

I believe that mammograms and PSA testing are analogous. Both are over diagnosing “cancer.” Until I recently received an insurance physical examination, I had never had a PSA test. Why? I believe that medicine is guilty of over diagnosing many disorders simply because it can. There are no policemen in the halls of science. Pride exists within these halls as workers inside are envied and congratulated by the business world. Indeed this $3,000,000,000,000 (that’s 3 trillion dollars) business desires to become a $4 trillion dollar business and more of the same should enable this lofty goal to easily be achieved very soon. It is sad indeed, but over diagnosing is big business.


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