The Pill Paradigm

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On webcast nights, I’ll often field calls that come in for Doug. A number of questions usually start with, “I think I’ve got a problem that has something to do with fungus; what supplements should I be taking?” 

Many of these people are new to Know the Cause and the entire idea of holistic or natural medicine, so you can’t really blame them; they are operating off a paradigm in which every malady, regardless of how large or small, is fixable with a pill taken at time intervals and erases symptoms.

Indeed, there are a number of natural substances that have invariably proven in vivo and vitro to halt the growth of fungus. Oregano oil, cinnamon, and olive leaf extract are just a few, but dig deeper and many times your will find that most vitamins, omega-3 fats and even sunlight (which makes vitamin D when it comes in contact with your skin) are to varying degrees anti-fungal or anti-mycotic. Many fine nutrition companies (a number of them guests on Know The Cause) package this good stuff, and sell it in the form of supplements.  

However, Doug’s approach to good health is fundamentally different from mainstream medicine’s “pill approach.” It requires more thought and preparation, but is equally as simple – change your diet. The Kaufmann 1 diet’s philosophy is simple. Our food supply is contaminated with poisons made by fungi that make us ill, and those same fungi can become parasites of man. If you limit your consumption of contaminated foods and starve potentially parasitic fungi of their favorite food source (sugar), good health is almost certainly to follow. When you begin following the Kaufmann 1 diet, you are literally consuming anti-fungals in the form of food – food as medicine!

This is not to say that supplements are neither important nor beneficial; who suffering from a fungal condition would not want the potent anti-fungals found in oregano oil coursing through their veins? Supplements are just that  though – supplemental. They are aides to the diet, but not replacements. Supplements alone are not enough to correct a bad lifestyle or a poor diet; I’ve heard many supplement manufacturers, including Mark Sisson and Guy Evans, say these words verbatim. So before you run off to your local health food store and drop the equivalent of a third world’s GDP on bottles of oils, tonics and extracts, in hopes that these pills, powders and potions taken at time intervals will erase symptoms, try taking a look at your dinner plate.

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