The Fungus Link to Depression and Heart Failure

Scientists have long known that Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) have antifungal properties. Last July, Texas A&M University researchers discovered that the antifungal effect of one SSRI, Zoloft, actually inhibiting deadly fungal infections.

A few months later, University of Michigan researchers discovered that another popular SSRI, Paxil, might prevent heart failure. Now that we know that SSRI’s have potent antifungal properties, we are left with some important questions. You and I will be able to answer them correctly, because you and I know the cause….one day, for the sake of mankind, it is my hope, that our healthcare professionals will also know the cause.
Seems pretty simple to me, but it must be rocket science …


  • What is one overlooked cause of depression if SSRI’s are also antifungals?
  • What is one overlooked cause of heart failure if SSRI’s, with potent antifungal properties, prevent it?

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