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The “me” of yesteryear lived by this motto: slightly over my ability to commit lays my ability to procrastinate.


If it weren’t for a mother that made me do it and a wife who asks me (over and over again) to do it, I’m not certain that I’d ever get anything defined as a chore done.


I love looking at and playing with old motorcycles and old cars, but unlike most men, I couldn’t tell you who played in the World Series or the Super Bowl. Mom taught me early to wash my hands, and I’ll spend hours everyday studying nutrition, mycology and health. I have this constant quest to detoxify the inside of my body in an effort to prevent disease. I guess you could call me the cleanser! 

A few years ago, I bought a far infrared sauna and installed it in my home. The benefits, we are told, are numerous. I believe it is one tool that can be used to cleanse my internal organs. One company advertises far infrared saunas this way:

“With far infrared saunas, only 80 to 85 percent of your sweat will be composed of water; the remaining 15 to 20 percent consists of cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid.”

Before I go into the sauna, I might make up a “shot” of chlorophyll in a glass of purified water. Chlorophyll assists the body in detoxifying. Opponents argue that people, even those who take prescriptive drugs, are not toxic. I wholeheartedly disagree, hence my interest in chlorophyll. I believe that it has tremendous health benefits over and above just detoxification.

Sometimes before bed, I take psyllium as a means to keep the digestive system working properly. I learned long ago that psyllium attaches itself to fungal mycotoxins in the gut. As waste and debris move from north to south and are eliminated from the intestines, why not also remove these poisonous mycotoxins that bind to our intestinal tissues as well? Elimination of mycotoxins, I believe, is extremely important! 

Especially during the holidays, I tend to go out with friends more, and that often means restaurant meals. It also means that I eat what I normally wouldn’t. Additives like hormones and antibiotics are in most restaurant meats, and many soup or salad ingredients come from a can. I prefer eating at home, because I know where the foods I eat came from. Financial hard times have hit all businesses in America, not the least of which are restaurants. Owners, needing to cut their budgets sometimes cut the quality of their foods, many without even knowing it; their suppliers also have had to cut corners. The foods that I choose to eat are admittedly different from those chosen by others, but when I cheat (er… challenge) my diet, I feel sluggish and tired; this is something physicians tell us is “normal” at my age.

I am 100% convinced that certain supplements enhance immunity. Just as my intestines require cleansing, so also do the tissues that make up my immune system. Therefore, I take one immune enhancing supplement each day. On the days I exercise, I take it before I begin that exercise. While we’re on this subject, let me share a story with you about when my love of exercise began. 

I had a one-year anatomy and physiology course in college. The final exam was different in that each student rotated tables and on each table was either a bone or a diagram with a question attached to it. Each bone had the following statements attached: NAME THIS BONE__________.  IT’S ORIGIN IS _____________ AND IT’S INSERTION IS _______________.  At the final table, one question was taped on the tabletop. It asked, “In exactly two words, what did you learn about the human body this past year?”

The professor gave me 2/3 off, because I used 3 words, but one of the 3 was correct. After a grueling test, I simply stated, “It is amazing!” In retrospect, I might have done better by saying, “It’s amazing!” The proper answer, which many of you have probably already figured out given that it was an anatomy class, was “It moves.” How simple, yet how life changing for me. It made perfect sense to me and changed my life. I decided that exercise was as important as diet, and it continues to be so for me today. Moving the body circulates the blood and cleanses the inside of our bodies as we perspire. With the loss of internal water comes replenishment. It begins with thirst and ends with pure water quenching that thirst, while bathing our sometimes-stagnant internal water reservoirs with pure hydrogen and oxygen. The professor was right! The human body absolutely must move, yet most of us don’t. Why is it that so many of us use “lack of time” as an excuse to not exercise? We have time to wait in doctors’ offices, or in emergency rooms, or in the pharmacies, but no time to walk 4 blocks each evening. We have all been given free will… use it wisely!

People my age are sick often. Honestly, I haven’t been sick for many years, and I credit this amazing feat with the above program that I put together many years ago. It works for me, but feel free to add your own thumbprint to it.

Many of us raised our right hand 60 days ago and swore that we were going to change some aspect of our lives. We call that a new year’s resolution. But were we really resolute in our commitment? As spring rolls around, we have an opportunity to redeem ourselves. This time, we call it spring cleaning, but most of us misinterpret that term. Simply add the word “internal” to the middle of it, and you have “spring internal cleaning”. Some of our commitments on New Year’s Day were of tremendous importance when it comes to our health, yet we’ve let them slip. Spring cleaning is that time of the year when most of us clean our homes in preparation for the long summer ahead. Much like changing our oil, many Americans adhere to these tasks almost with reverence, yet aren’t yet knowledgeable that spring internal cleaning is as much about cleansing the tabernacle as it is about cleaning the home.

Come “June Gloom” (ask your California friends), many of you will likely regret that previous commitments to good health weren’t adhered to. You were like me years ago in that you procrastinated. The human body, however, is remarkably resilient and most often forgiving. If you’re a 27 year old reading this newsletter, there are two things to consider: Not only is time on your side, but also you’re seemingly invincible at your age! If you’re a 72 year old reading this newsletter and you have health problems, it is really time to stop procrastinating and start changing. The inside of your house is fine, but don’t overlook the importance of spring internal cleaning, which might just have you smiling all the way through June Gloom this year! Chew on that until next month. 

Blessings to you all!





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