The Autism Fungus Link

2007-scientists publish that the drug “Suramin” has powerful antifungal properties

2013-San Diego School of Medicine researchers have discovered that a drug called “Suramin” corrected autism-like symptoms in mice.

San Diego researchers state that their success using Suramin for autism, “offers a fresh and exciting new path that could lead to development of a new class of drugs to treat autism.”

My Take
Better research and safe drugs already exist to treat autism! 
In 1998, Neurologist Jay Lombard published (The Brain Wellness Plan) that the harmless gut antifungal drug Nystatin arrested autism symptoms in children he treated. May I suggest sparing we tax payers a $1 billion dollar price tag to “development of a new class of drugs to treat autism” and spare children the exposure to new (and most likely, toxic) drug development? 
Don’t researchers use Google searches to show that this work has already been done?


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