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Thank God For Good Medical Hygiene!

Medical Hygiene
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Around 1840, Hungarian obstetrician, Ignac Semmelweis called the agents of the multitude of newborn deaths in his hospital, “death particles.” Before surgical gloves were invented, he and other doctors would go directly from an autopsy to a delivery room without even washing their hands.  Infant mortality was very high and Semmelweis suggested that these death particles were responsible. By 1860, he published a book on this germ theory, but his peers criticized him.  Rejected, he suffered from depression, rage, paranoia, and forgetfulness and died at the age of 47 in a mental asylum. This because he suggested that doctors wash their hands between surgical procedures.


Taking feces out of one person and infusing it rectally into another is now “state of the art” in medicine!  Why is this draconian procedure even necessary? I believe it is because we have in the past and continue to abuse antibiotic medication (CDC says that 30% of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary) to the point where antibiotics have not only stopped working, but they are now creating new illnesses, and of course new medical innovations…like fecal transplantation. Antibiotics, in my estimation have created quite a market for fecal transplantation. Says one doctor, “As an infectious disease doctor, one of the main things we do is prescribe antibiotics, and you don’t always have full confidence that you’re doing the right thing, … “But I think that…for all the challenges of antibiotic resistance, it’s very attractive to look towards the future when hopefully we can find ways without antibiotics to slow the emergence of antibiotic resistance”

Surely, there’s a better way….right?


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