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Struggle With Allergies?

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Millions of people struggle with seasonal allergies, and for many of those people, they are not a superficial issue; allergies can interfere with one’s quality of life. Still for others, calling allergies “seasonal” likely does not quite properly describe their condition. For many people in many parts of the country, allergies are a year-long problem. Many feel like they are relegated to a lifetime of shots, prescriptions and over the counter medications in order to simply feel normal, but many people who suffer from seasonal allergies may wonder if there is anything they could do differently to mitigate their allergy problems.

There are a variety of ways more natural practitioners would suggest combatting allergies, other than the generally prescribed shots or pills. There are certain supplements, such as nettles, that have been shown to perhaps help with allergies. Other traditional remedies include eating raw, local honey; since honey is made by pollenating bees, it is thought that compounds in the honey may assist the immune system in combatting local allergens for those that consume it regularly.

The Fungus Link Vol 3Another critical component to assess is the quality of air in your home or place of work. It well documented that the presence of mold in indoor spaces can exacerbate existing allergies. Has your home or office suffered water damage or a leak? If so, there is a good chance mold could have colonized somewhere in the building structure. Under the right conditions, mold can release spores and/or airborne mycotoxins, or fungal poisons. When inhaled, these can cause problems, including problems with, or similar to, allergy problems.

Diet is another component to assess. Eliminating foods from your diet may be one way to affect the degree to which you suffer from allergies. Many start with eliminating dairy. However, we might suggest trying the Kaufmann 1 Diet. On this diet, you will eliminate all grains, corn, sugar, sweeter fruits, starchy foods, most dairy, peanuts, pistachios and alcohol. Instead, we encourage fresh vegetables, lean meats, nuts, limited fruit and healthy oils. (The only dairy allowed is plain yogurt with active cultures and real butter, preferably grass-fed.) While honey is relegated to Kaufmann 2 in moderation, eating this way may compound the efficacy of other supplements you are taking. Adding some natural anti-fungals such as oil of oregano or olive leaf extract may also work towards yielding results from the diet. In addition to these, add in a daily probiotic to help re-culture the gut with beneficial bacteria.

Many adherents to the diet report exceptional results when it comes to their seasonal allergies, among many other health concerns. If you or someone you love suffers from seasonal allergies, seeking relief from every angle is critical, particularly if one does not want to be relegated to a life time of shots and pills.

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