Spring Cleaning

What is it about springtime that makes us want to throw open the windows (and wash them!) and clean out the closets? Maybe it’s the feeling of fresh starts we crave. Just seeing the buds of new life inspires new beginnings.

  Well, I say capitalize on that feeling! Now would be a great time to clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Especially if you’re new to Kaufmann 1 style eating, and your family is on board, it’s a great time to rid your kitchen of any foods that might tempt you to “fall off the wagon”.

It may be obvious with some foods that they need to be removed from your cupboard or fridge. Crackers, breads, peanut butter, and other processed foods might still be lurking in your pantry. Your refrigerator or freezer may still contain condiments, cheese, ice cream, juices, jellies and jams; these all need to go. It’s really just easier if everything you have on hand is actually something you can eat, rather than having to struggle daily with making healthy choices from amongst what’s on hand.

It’s also a good idea to just go through and check ingredients; many times you’ll find foods you believe are Kaufmann 1-friendly actually contain ingredients you weren’t aware of. Make sure your mustard contains apple cider vinegar, not distilled vinegar. Check those capers to be sure they’re in brine, not vinegar. Did you mistakenly buy sweetened almond milk? You might be surprised to find some things you assumed were acceptable choices that actually aren’t.

Once you’ve cleaned out all the foods you know you shouldn’t be eating anyway, you’ll have room to stock up with healthier choices. Reward yourself with a trip to your local farmers’ market, and fill up your fridge with spring’s bounty of herbs and vegetables. With all that extra space, you’ll actually have room to store them!




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