Skinny Cows and Transsexual Fish



For decades, antibiotics have been infused into agricultural animals or their food. We were told that these antibiotics were essential to prevent infections in the animals. This made sense to most scientists, but “most scientists still have no idea of the dangers associated with the non-judicious use of prophylactic antibiotics. Many health problems can ensue when antibiotics are prescribed for the wrong reasons. I contend that prescribing them to promote animal growth is the wrong reason. It is also a dangerous practice, since antibiotics are fungal metabolites, known to induce serious health problems to animals and people.
Of course antibiotics are not the only chemicals that scientists are force- feeding cows. While we were all concerned about agricultural antibiotic abuse, harmful hormones were silently introduced into these animals.

Now comes a study about the use of agricultural hormones. Doctors at Indiana University have discovered that the environmental impact of adding a powerful endocrine disruptor hormone called TBA to beef cattle is now harming rivers, streams and fish. Again, this is a growth enhancement hormone. What about harming the cows, or us when we eventually eat the cow? Don’t skinny cows taste as good? 

This begs so many questions for me:
1. Is “fresh water” fish OK to eat now? Is it really “fresh water?”
2. Is this the reason that experts say that beef is bad for us?
3. Why didn’t the TBA producers test this a long time beforehand?

For decades scientists have shaken their fingers at beef as contributing to human illness! Of course, they are correct, but they don’t know why. Yet this article could not be clearer. Says lead author Dr. Adam West, “These compounds have the potential to disrupt entire ecosystems by altering reproductive cycles in many species, including fish. “We expect impacts that extend through the aquatic food web.” Now, I’m really not certain if male fish taste better than female fish, but eating a male fish that used to be a female fish just sounds disgusting to me! It does, however, begin to answer the age-old question of the cause of obesity though, doesn’t it?

I’ve been at this for 45 years. I’d be shocked if this paper prompted change. Just know that if you eat meat, please try to buy local grass fed and grass fed meat. I’d like your feedback on this after reading it. Given this paper, do you think we should maintain fresh water fish on our Kaufmann 1 diet without determining how toxic our experts have allowed the water to become?
Thanks! Doug



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