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Shopping Kaufmann 1? A Few Rules for Buying Groceries

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Walking into a grocery store when you’re on a diet can illicit a variety of feelings – hunger and intimidation not being the least of the two. Modern supermarkets can carry upwards of 45,000 products. Most of those products, as you can guess, don’t come anywhere near being on any of Doug’s diets. 

Processed foods, cereals, and condiments usually all contain components of corn and wheat, not to mention all the food additives, binders, fillers, preservatives and coloring agents food companies mix into the fare they offer. Even some things that might appear to be Kaufmann 1 friendly, such as deli meat (after all, it is meat which is on Kaufmann 1…) can contain ingredients such as corn! Corn is almost as ubiquitous in American food as are the mycotoxins that contaminate it. Knowing this, it isn’t difficult to comprehend how sick we’ve gotten as a nation. 

Health food stores have gained quite a bit of traction in the US for the last few years as we’ve collectively become more aware of our health. This is certainly a good thing – most things that you’ll find in a health food store are better for you than what you’d find at a regular supermarket, but this doesn’t guarantee that they are ok for your diet. Similar to their large corporate counterparts, health food fare is often loaded with sugar (often disguised under the name of “evaporated cane juice” and a variety of other pseudonyms), wheat products and even corn. Reading the labels of ingredients is key, even while shopping at your health food store. 

I’ve recently gotten stricter on my Kaufmann 1 diet. With school starting again and the pace of life picking up, I can’t afford to be unhealthy. My grandma got me one of the best gifts that I got last Christmas – a $100 gift card to Whole Foods. So recently, I had the pleasure of taking a long stroll through the Austin Whole Foods and loading my cart with Kaufmann 1 ingredients. After that experience, I decided to make a list of some helpful tips when shopping for Kaufmann 1 food.

1. Make a list.

This is common sense to any mother planning a menu for her family. For all of us young people, this really is key. Making a list at home while staring at acceptable foods on the diet allows you to stay focused at the grocery store. Before I got into the habit of making grocery lists, I would wantonly throw whatever looked appetizing into my cart. This practice turned out to always be more expensive than I hoped and rarely conformed to anything resembling a healthy diet.

2. Stay Along the Outside Aisle 

I think Kyle Drew was the first person I heard offer this bit of advice, and he couldn’t have been more spot on. It is here that you’ll find the few fruits, all the vegetables and the meat market. Most of the time you’ll find the nuts and seeds that your grocer has to offer here as well. If you venture into the inner aisle, it is here you’ll find most of the processed, grain and corn made foods you should be avoiding.

3. Read the Labels

You’ll be very surprised what you’ll find on the labels. I’m going to work on a list of ingredients to avoid eating.

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