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Responsibility and Levels of Care

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I read this article the other day posted on Slate magazine. The article discusses the idea of tailoring care to the patient’s willingness to participate in and keep up with prescribed therapies and/or regimens.

The study referenced in the article found that a patient’s willingness to stick to a prescribed regimen had a correlated directly to the efficacy of said regimen. While this may seem like a silly thing to waste valuable research dollars on (after all, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that if a person doesn’t take a pill, said person will not experience the efficacy said pill offers…), the practical application the researchers suggest is slightly interesting – tailoring the therapy prescribed to the patient based on the patient’s responsibility or willingness to stick to a program. Most people, whenever they get sick, want the best doctor they can afford. Most people demand the latest, most groundbreaking therapy, and they are willing to drain their lifesavings to acquire it.

(An interesting note – an alarming number of bankruptcies in America are due to medical bills, and of that alarming number, a large percent had insurance when disaster struck… What does this say about the for-profit model American medicine operates on? There are some fat-cat CEOs making quite a mint off of our ailments…) Apparently, having the best care doesn’t guarantee that the recipients will take full advantage of the treatments provided them.

Tailoring treatment options could potentially save unspeakable amounts of money and resources. I think a few things are interesting about this, most notably that patients are ultimately responsible for their own health. If there is one thing I think members of the Know The Cause Community and the medical community agree upon, it could be this. We just disagree about the best ways to beat disease.

Doug has often taught the idea of responsibility for one’s own health. Only you are responsible for what goes into your body, how you move it, and how you rest it. These things ultimately have an effect on your health, and can either lead to or prevent disease. While I don’t want a doctor necessarily making assumptions about my willingness to participate in a prescribed therapy or tailoring an approach based on that assumption, I know that I’m free to tailor my own pathway to health. As a responsible person, for me that means this:

1. Kaufmann 2 most of the time, Kaufmann 1 when I feel any less than my best. Doug’s diets provide a strong base for healthy living. Limiting mycotoxins, starving parasitic fungi, and eating good, nutritious foods are fundamental in living healthily.

2. Regular, Moderate exercise. The phrase move it or lose it comes to mind here. Our bodies were made to move; we should act accordingly.

3. Good, Deep Sleep When I find that I’m not feeling good, usually it can be traced back to poor sleeping for me. Everything falls apart when I don’t get adequate rest. These are three simple things that any reasonably responsible person can do, and the side effects of such a regimen might just keep you out of a doc’s office!

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