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Cooking Your Way to Good Health – 2nd Edition

(21 customer reviews)

This second edition of Cooking Your Way To Health features the most up-to-date version of the Kaufmann 1 and Kaufmann 2 Diets, along with a new introduction by Doug Kaufmann. These diets are designed to assist those suffering from problems associated with yeast and fungi, or those who simply want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Cooking Your Way To Health is the second cookbook by Doug Kaufmann. Written with Denni Dunham, this cookbook features creative, yet easy, recipes for those on Doug Kaufmann’s anti-fungal plan. Cooking Your Way To Health features a wide variety of beverages, breakfast ideas, main dishes, side dishes, marinades, sauces, desserts and much more, all designed to be enjoyed guilt-free. Some recipes you will not want to miss include:

    • Strawberry Slushie
    • Almond Bread
    • Baked Eggs
    • Popped Amaranth Cereal
    • Pan-Seared Lamb Medallions
    • Bacon-Wrapped Meat Loaf
    • Caesar Dressing
    • Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce
    • Mashed Cauliflower
    • Sweet and Smokey Green Beans
    • Peppered Goat Cheese Croutons
    • Good Ol’ Chicken Soup
    • Chocolate Pudding
    • Fresh Blackberry-Lemon Cheesecake w/ Berry Coulis
    • Pumpkin Pie

This second edition of Cooking Your Way To Health features the most up-to-date version of the Kaufmann 1 and Kaufmann 2 Diets, along with a new introduction by Doug Kaufmann. These diets are designed to assist those suffering from problems associated with yeast and fungi, or those who simply want to lead a healthier lifestyle. All recipes contained in Cooking Your Way To Health are free from grain, corn, sugar, shortening and artificial ingredients. In spite of this, however, all of these dishes are so delicious, you will never even miss them! You, your friends and your family will not believe they are eating healthy; you will never be able to go back to boring!

21 reviews for Cooking Your Way to Good Health – 2nd Edition

  1. Sherry Phelps

    I must say I was excited to get “Cooking Your Way to Good Health” again. I think this is the fifth time I have purchased a Cookbook from Know the Cause. I love that it is full of valuable information on the Kaufmann 1 and Kaufmann 2 diets combined with many delicious “recipes for success.” I heartily recommend this cookbook not only as a tool to fight disease and help build a healthy immune system but also as a caring gift to a loved one for Christmas or a birthday.

  2. Lisa

    There are so many recipes that I want to try!! I don’t know where to start!! Yum!

  3. Unknown

    Great book with excellent recipes and easy to follow

  4. Val

    The cookbook is easy to follow. I was confused about calling almond meal, flour or arrowroot starch, powder or flour. Will figure it out. It gives some great ideas on new things to try.

  5. Marti

    Delicious and straight-forward recipes! I was afraid the recipes would call for unfamiliar and unusual ingredients that could only be found in a little Asian Market in a neighborhood I don’t usually visit. I was very pleasantly surprised that the recipes used primarily ingredients I am familiar with, many of which I already had in my kitchen. The few items I was uncertain about, the kind people at Natural Grocers help me find and provided additional information and instructions. Unlike some other “diets” and life-style changes I have tried before, these recipes are ones I will use over and over and have no trouble following the Kaufmann 1 and 2 program.

  6. Carole

    Great Cookbook! Just recently purchased the cookbook and have been looking through and picking out certain recipes. I think there is more you can eat than you realize. Glad I got it. I also have the first cookbook. Plan on following these cookbooks as a steady diet.

  7. Cat L

    We have tried Kaufmann 1 before, but wasn’t 100% sure what we could eat. This cookbook helped with that. It provides wonderful recipes and helpful tips for eating and preparing Kaufmann 1 and Kaufmann 2 foods. Thank you for the making each Phase crystal clear!

    We have been on Kaufmann 1 for two weeks and my husband has lost over 7 pounds. I’ve lost over 5. We are in our 70″s and feel better than ever, especially with less inflammation. We are eating lots of different vegetables and feeling very satisfied. The cookbook has been a great help!

  8. Unknown

    Good Eating To Good Health. New to this way of eating. I’ve tried one recipe so far off the website. If the others are as terrific as the soup we are have a 100% winner. The knowledge shared will help both my hisband’s and my health.

  9. Lari Ann Edmonson

    I love everything I have cooked so far. I have both of the cookbooks. I’ve been sick for 16 months. Thank you for helping people find their way to good health.

  10. Stephanie

    Great and Easy Recipies that taste Great. I have the first cookbook and loved it. I followed it to the exact and I lost 10 lbs. with two weeks. When ever I feel that I need a good cleansing and healthy feeling, I go to my cookbook. I like the treats.

  11. Patricia Schutter

    Healing the Body Cookbook. I have just recently bought the book and only just beginning to learn what I need to follow the diet in Phase I but I believe everything Doug is saying. Recently I had a naturist to check me and stated that I have a candida fungi in my blood. I am a diabetic and have Afib. as well as CHF and COPD. All the doctors do is add more medicine and I am not getting any better. I am praying that this is my last stop as far as getting well. I am looking forward to trying the recipes. I plan later on to buy the Diabetic book on Diabetes and fungi.

  12. Alice Heger

    I like the book very much. The recipes are easy and if you need pictures watch the show and you will see some of the recipeIs made. I plan to get more healthy. You will not be hungry. Let food be your medicine and heal disease.

  13. Shane and Julia

    I’m so excited about cooking my way to good health! I look forward to feeling good in my own health. Thanks so much Doug Kaufmann and colleagues for working so hard to bring us the best information in the area of knowing the cause…..F.U.P.O! This revised cook book has been very helpful for us with making excellent food to eat. Delicious and simple!!!!!!!

  14. Rosalba

    i was highly disappointed to see both cook books have ZERO pictures, idk about you but my taste buds respond to food pictures! =( HAD I KNOWN THIS PRIOR I WOULD NOT OF BOUGHT THEM AND NOW I CAN’T RETURN THEM… so not fair!!!

  15. monica

    I’m very happy I have this book to help me along with my Kaufmann 1 eating. Since the first week in Sept/17 I have lost 5 lbs., and my wheezing has stopped. I feel much better. I also bought the other cookbook to have more exciting recipes, and options. Very easy to follow! Thank you!

  16. Cynthia Heatly

    I am excited about using the cookbook because the recipes have been planned for me to enjoy delicious meals AND help kill the fungus in my body!!

  17. Missy

    I have tried several of the vegetable recipes (broccoli, cauliflower ones in particular). They are easy to prepare and taste great (different recipes than I had found elsewhere). I wanted more variety of cooked vegetables and so I found just what I wanted. Plan on trying the other sections too.

  18. Unknown

    I just received this book and have looked through it. I will definitely be using it! Really good cook book!

  19. Laura

    Best darn cook book out there. Love the easy recipes and variations on foods I have the first and have made many items from the cook book and plan to use this one also.

  20. Unknown

    I have your first book and love it. I am excited for the additional recipes!

  21. patricia jones

    I have been encouraged it’s not just meat veggies and fruits it is educational and easy to read . Very encouraging ideas.

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