Prescription Drugs – Can We Live Without Them?

Avoiding Prescription Drugs

A new article proves that prescription drug costs continue to accelerate.  This doesn’t even faze me because I decided decades ago that I was going to do everything I could to maintain good health. My old age, I decided I would not be relegated to doctor visits, drugs, pharmacies or negotiations with some insurance carrier about whether I needed Parts B through Z coverage!

The field of genetics says that mom and dad dealt me a DNA hand that I would have to live with, disease and all. Epi-genetics says that I don’t have to accept that hand, but only if I will accept lifestyle changes that mom and dad were unaware of because science hadn’t advanced to the point where it is today. If the science of epigenetics were ever to merge with the science of mycology (the study of fungus), I believe two things would simultaneously begin to happen; doctor visits would decrease and lifespans would rapidly accelerate.  Why? The fact is that about 300 different fungi are known to produce poisonous byproducts that we humans are commonly exposed to. These poisons are known to end human life prematurely. Drugs like antibiotics, tissue rejection drugs, and others are fungal poisons. Unfortunately, this isn’t taught in medical school. Therefore, I try to live a lifestyle that actively avoids prescription drugs. Since only doctors can prescribe these drugs, my lifestyle also minimizes doctor visits. Now, rather than a lifestyle surrounded by insurance company programs, doctor’s office visits, laboratory results and pharmacy visits, my lifestyle concentrates on wellness.

Much is reported on how we must commit to all things medical as we age, but relatively little is published on how to avoid them. Since I will be 70 very soon, here is what is helping me stay well thus far.

1. DIET – you know the Kaufmann Diets

2. EXERCISE – regularity is the key to benefitting from exercise. Sweating is the key to detoxification.

3. SUPPLEMENTATION – I refer to these 3-4 hours weekly on my TV shows and live social media shows. I believe the right supplements may prevent the wrong medications.


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