Paul Ryan, Medicare and the Healthcare Paradigm

Somewhat humorously, another talking point in the news has been Mr. Ryan’s devotion to the popular exercise programs P90X and Insanity. These high intensity-circuit training programs have helped Mr. Ryan maintain his body fat at between 6-8%, a percentage that is enviable for most men Mr. Ryan’s age. Whether, you agree with Mr. Ryan’s politics or not, one has to admire his devotion to personal fitness. 

Medicare is part of the social safety net that we enjoy in America; seniors typically require more medical attention, but usually have less income to pay for treatment with. Health and wellness obviously decline with age, but I wonder sometimes if that necessarily means going to a doctor more.

Going to get check-ups is a good idea. But the paradigm of medicine is to medicate every problem that shows up; this is what they are trained to do. Other than the obvious lifestyle recommendations – eat healthy, exercise – you won’t get much advice. Eating right is obviously important, but what does that mean? Eat low fat? Use sugar substitutes? It is a vague recommendation, at best. Better to just take a pill and live as you always have.

Consider for a second that lifestyle, particularly diet, plays a much larger role in overall health. The Kaufmann 1 diet might be a good place to start. Focusing on organic meat – grass fed meat, pastured chicken and turkey, wild-caught ocean fish, etc. – will remove the hormones and antibiotics that conventionally farmed animals are given. You will also be consuming meat rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals. Copious amounts of vegetables are encouraged – rich sources of disease fighting nutrients. The limited fruits allowed on Kaufmann 1 are also rich sources of vitamins, minerals. At the same time as you are nourishing your body, you will be avoiding grains, sugar, corn, potatoes, antibiotics an alcohol. Subsequently, you’ll be avoiding mycotoxins, fungal byproducts that are very detrimental to health. This diet, combined with exercise, proper sleep, and smart supplementation could work wonders at keeping you out of a doctor’s office.

Politics change from year to year, and there will always be much fear mongering, especially as it relates to the way healthcare is dispensed. It is best to do your part in keeping yourself healthy, keeping out of a doctor’s office

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