New To Fungus?


You’re not alone, because even if you had a Ph.D. in the study of fungus (Mycology), you might still be considered new to fungus. This is one of the most rapidly advancing fields in science. I wish I could say in medicine, but unfortunately, in medicine, the field of mycology is stagnating. It just so happens that two of the best selling pharmaceutical drugs in the world are related to fungus, yet most physicians are unaware of this.

Antibiotics are poisonous fungal byproducts and long-term antibiotic use has been associated with serious diseases, including, but not limited to cancer. Don’t let that frighten you away from taking a round of antibiotics if needed, however. A tiny dose kills tiny bacterial organisms quite well, but always remember that you are a much larger organism, so communicating your concern to your doctor when the 7th round of antibiotics is dispensed, is a good idea. If antibiotics don’t kill it, it’s probably not a bacterial infection.

It could be a fungal infection. Statin drugs are antifungal drugs that just happen to lowered blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Why doctors never question fungus as the cause of high cholesterol, since Statin drugs lower it, is beyond me, but now you understand that being new to fungus doesn’t mean you missed the boat. The boat is still being built!

Fungi can enter any human tissue and cause any symptom or disease known to man, yet once again, this seems to be a well-kept secret in medical schools.

Fungal poisons are found in our American grain supply and in peanuts, more commonly than in other shelled nuts. Alcohol is a neurotoxic fungal poison. Don’t believe that? Ever had a hangover?

We are all new to fungus! Diets that are high in fresh fruits and vegetables are hated by fungus, so you should consider them. My goal in teaching this is to have every one of you becoming Fupo-Ologists…FUPO? Fungus, Until Proven Otherwise!

Be careful out there!


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