Mushrooms Blamed in Cardiac Arrest Cases



While the verdict isn’t quite in, tiny mushrooms known as Little Whites are being blamed for deaths of 400 people in China. A syndrome known as Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome manifests as inexplicable, sudden cardiac arrest. The cause was unknown for upwards of five years, but a team of investigators from China’s equivalent to the CDC has implicated the mushrooms in the disease.  

Certain mushrooms have always been known to be poisonous if ingested. Others are touted as healthy, and some are sold at exorbitant prices for their complex flavor. Despite how they are grouped in certain food pyramid pictures, mushrooms are NOT a vegetable; they belong to the fungi kingdom and are therefore not on any of the Phase diets. While certain healthy components in mushrooms, like beta glucan, are potent immune boosters, eating mushrooms raw or cooked is probably not a great idea.  

This story on mushrooms underscores the fact that many of these organisms are very poorly understood. Many of their toxins remain to be identified, and their effect on human health isn’t perfectly understood. Knowing this, isn’t it possible, if not probable, that some of these dangerous toxins could be having an effect on our health? I think Doug has made a pretty strong case for that… 

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