Multiple Sclerosis

Doug Kaufmann
Last week, while shopping in a health food store, a person recognized me and asked if I’d mind one quick question; her sister has had multiple sclerosis for many years and wondered if there isn’t a fungus link to this autoimmune disorder.  I told her that Dr. Dave Holland and I wrote on this very topic many years ago and referenced the article for her.  This article has helped so many people through the years, I thought that I’d place it here and let all of you read it, because it may help more of you. 

  I know that we referred to Multiple Sclerosis in this article, but you might interchange any autoimmune disorder with the words “multiple sclerosis” in the article.  Change, as you know, is what I believe in.  Maybe your autoimmune disease is intimately linked to mycotoxins-maybe not….but you’ll never know unless you try!

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, one of several non-profit organizations dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research funding and patient assistance, raised almost $74 million dollars in the fiscal year 2001. It spent $64 million, of which $54.8 million went toward program expenses, and $6.6 million was directed at fundraising efforts. Two million goes toward administrative costs. The CEO alone makes over $300,000. (1)

Still, in the 57 years of the society’s existence, no cause for MS has been assigned. I use the word “assigned” and not “found,” because I believe a cause has already been found. In our book, “The Fungus Link, Volume 2,” Doug Kaufmann and I discuss the role of fungal toxins, called mycotoxins, in the etiology of MS. The evidence brought forth by various scientists over the years and compiled in a small section of this book is quite compelling. It is so compelling that, at this point, I believe scientists will be forced into a position of proving that mycotoxins are NOT the cause of MS, a task at which, I believe, they shall not succeed.


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