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Michelle Obama and the Food Pyramid

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Since the current President has taken office, there has been quite a bit of talk about health in our political discourse. Most of this has revolved around the way we pay for healthcare in this country. It is no secret that our system is in some way broken; we spend more on health care than any other industrialized nation, yet our citizens rank among the sickest.


At the same time, we have some of the most advanced methods of treating illness. The technology and diagnostic tools available to physicians in America are unparalleled anywhere in the world. This is part of the paradox of American healthcare.

Where we are absolutely failing is in the area of “health”. There is very little health in healthcare. What we as Americans know as healthcare is really just a highly complex system of bodily janitorial services – doctors and healthcare providers are there to clean up the mess we make of our bodies and our health. Their focus is on treating illness, not promoting wellness. True health and vitality is much more than the absence of a diagnosable disease. The healthcare overhaul of the President’s last term failed to address this.

At Know the Cause, we believe that the foundation of good health begins with diet. Followed closely are exercise, proper rest and supplements. Your health arsenal isn’t even limited to these; there are countless strategies, plans and detoxes that you can experiment with that may be helpful in your trek towards good health and vitality. But at the foundation lies a good diet.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to readers and viewers that the sad state of American health is immediately traceable back to the long-time official eating plan promulgated by the government; the Food Pyramid. The Food Pyramid recommends a gluttonous amount of grains in the diet; this has traditionally been the largest food group in their official recommendation.

Lately though, the government has begun to change its speed. First Lady Michelle Obama has been the face of change, with her “Let’s Move!” initiative. This is definitely a good thing and a step in the right direction; this initiative encourages people – particularly children – to be active and eat healthily. All of these are good things. The diet recommended by the First Lady’s initiative is based of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, put forth by the USDA. And while there are some changes to the traditional food pyramid, the dietary recommendations remain a bit lacking.

One key component is the recommendation of grains, particularly whole grains. Whole grains are largely recommended for their fiber content, a macronutrient that is easily gotten from other fruit or vegetable sources or in supplement form.

On Kaufmann 1 however, grains are strictly prohibited. This is for a few reasons. Grains are commonly contaminated with mycotoxins, fungal poisons that are detrimental to human health. This is largely due to siloing methods; grains sit in silos and are often colonized with mold. Under certain conditions, these molds produce mycotoxins. The chances of your grain being contaminated is even higher if corn is the particular grain you are eating. Mycotoxins have been implicated in a variety of human health issues, such as diabetes and cancer. Doug has spent his career researching and reporting on these dangerous compounds and the organisms that produce them. In order to limit exposure to molds and the chemicals they produce, he developed the Kaufmann 1 diet, which works towards limiting exposure to mycotoxins.

Furthermore, if you happen to be suffering from any sort of candida overgrowth, consuming grain will do nothing but help that infection flourish. Many people don’t even realize that at the root of their inexplicable health problems may be a fungal overgrowth. Once on board, these fungi can cause many health problems, many of which may appear to have an idiopathic cause. Furthermore, fungi can dictate what foods you crave. Pathogenic fungi crave one food more than any other: sugar.

While limiting grains on the Kaufmann 1 diet (remember that sugar is a grain), you will dramatically decrease the amount of sugar in your diet, which serves to starve fungi. Whether you are suffering from health problems of unknown origin or have uncontrollable sugar cravings, the Kaufmann 1 diet can act as a test. If after a month on it, your health problems clear up, you may have found the root cause of your problems.

The government is slowly taking steps in the right direction. Finally, they are encouraging Americans to watch what they eat and exercise. However, they may be lagging behind in their dietary guidelines. Until they get caught up, it may be best to get your dietary recommendations elsewhere.


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