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“Meating” at the Dinner Table

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I’ve mentioned before that I have some very dear friends that are vegetarians. Even if we share similar tastes on the occasional raw, vegan meal and the Daily Juice in Austin, we might have some differing opinions on the best ways to achieve good health. 

For me, the road to feeling great and being healthy is paved with a healthy serving of lean, grass-fed meat and wild caught fish. There has been quite a bit of bad press around meat for a while, but most of the “experts” are coming around it. After all the buzz around the idea that meat is bad for you, most studies are confirming that it is what humans do to and put into the meat that renders it unhealthy – things like hormones, antibiotics and preservatives are definitely not the friends of people eating on Phase

1. Getting antibiotics by proxy is another way of exposing yourself to mycotoxins and hormones can help fuel a fungal infection if that is what you are suffering from. Animals fed grain and corn diets are also exposed to mycotoxins, not to mention lead unhealthy lives as the result of their unnatural diet. Even fish, generally assumed to be healthy by most omnivores, are often fed grain diets if they are raised on a farm. Fortunately, many lay people and farmers alike have realized the problems inherent with modern meat production.

As consumers, more carnivores are patronizing farmers and purveyors who carry grass fed meats and wild ocean fish, which means these products are becoming more available, even at conventional grocery stores. However, one thing that I think is cool to do is to seek out local farmers – people you know that you can trust and that will learn to call you by your first name. You can get some fresh, delicious meat this way, not to mention support your local agricultural community. Many grocery stores also are beginning to carry wild caught fish, which are simply fish that are not raised in a netted pen. These fish eat a diet they were intended to eat and get the amount of exercise they are supposed instead of flopping around in crowded nets. Meat that comes from animals raised the way nature intended are loaded with good omega fats, beta carotene and a plethora of other nutrients.

Obviously, it is extremely beneficial and highly encouraged to not subsist on meat alone – it is important to maintain balance. But having lean, organic grass fed meats and vegetables as a cornerstone is a great place to start on the path to good health. Here are a couple of meaty ideas for your table this week: Ahi Tuna Steaks – Sushi grade Ahi tuna is delicious and loaded with good fats. Of course, wild-caught it best. Sear it lightly on the edges with some sesame and enjoy rare. Mmmm! Turkey – Ground or as a steak, turkey is way too versatile to be relegated to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Avoid the deli variety – it is usually loaded with preservatives. Bison – Bison is lean and packed with protein in addition to tasting delicious. Buffalo burgers (without the bun of course) are a great variation of your every night ground beef steak.

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