Living and Raw foods

Doug Kaufmann

Living and raw foods

I thought raw was best!

Virtually everything that is written about vegetables and fruits says that cooking denatures some of the important compounds like enzymes and protein.  Yet for the very same reasons we wash out the germs in our clothing in hot water, we are told that heating milk, in a process called “pasteurization” also kills germs in the milk….and that is where the controversy begins. 


If cows milk is loaded with disease causing germs, wouldn’t it stand to reason that suckling calves would all die?  A great question and one that Sally Fallon asks at nearly every seminar she gives. Sally has an informative website: , and if you ever have the opportunity to hear her raw milk presentation in person, you must take it. Sally spoke just before me at a seminar in June and I must admit, she had the entire audience, including me totally captivated.  She is just so right.  Her lectures are wonderful and teach that there are anti-germ component in raw milk that are naturally eliminated after pasteurization-just the way God intended.

But man is either unaware of this biochemical fact, and therefore the inherent safety of drinking raw milk, or he is profiting so greatly from the milk pasteurized process, that he is in the attack mode when it comes to competition.  Dr. Joe Mercola recently posted an article that should scare all of us.  He opens with these deeply concerning words:

The idea of armed federal agents storming through small farms and barns, making off with milk cartons and computers, would be quite laughable — if it weren’t a reality.

Joe Mercola,

He then lists the residences and businesses that these armed government officials raided.  He tells of FDA and CDC involvement. Why?  Because they sold raw milk.

In the interest of brevity, I’m going to cut this short, because you know exactly where I’m headed.  My friend Dorothy sent me this information via email last night.  My response was that of amazement as I contend that the FDA and CDC should be more concerned about we citizens public safety than gun drawn raids on tiny raw milk companies. If I think it represents a danger to my health, I’ll simply avoid drinking it.  I told Dorothy that if the FDA was truly concerned about our safety, pharmaceutical companies would better deserve this type of government raid.  She answered, “EXACTLY!” 

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