Let Medicine Become Your Food?


The American Medical Association (AMA), is considering classifying obesity as a “disease.” At their annual meeting in Chicago a few weeks ago, The AMA’s House of Delegates discussed recognizing obesity as a disease, enabling, they contend, health insurance coverage.

Only about one in five physicians even become AMA members and I believe there is a reason for these dismal and embarrassing numbers. Politics, rather than compassionate decisions seem to dictate what the AMA has become. I wholeheartedly support the 80% who refuse to join the AMA. Treating obesity as a disease has little to do with healthcare and much to do with politics.

Treating diseases is allowable exclusively for licensed physicians who prescribe “standards of care, “ and I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing. Until this ridiculous policy of reclassifying obesity as a disease became an issue, you and I are free to offer compassion and advice to those who are overweight and will listen to us. I’ve done this for 40 years and I still love it, because it works!

In addition to diet changes, which I have proven will correct obesity, today there exist hundreds of great natural products and devices that help with obesity should they decide to use them. They include everything from safe appetite suppressing supplements, to nutritionally packed meal replacements, to exercise devices.

Am I the only one that sees through the AMA House of Delegates pending decision? Obesity is caused by food! But food will never be considered “the cause.” Once obesity is called a disease, the legal means of treating it will become just like cancer care. Only doctors, surgery and drugs will be allowed to “treat” obesity. You and I will have to stop making recommendations to those with weight problems. Away go the safe supplements and helpful counseling sessions. With all due respect to our licensed healthcare folks, have they looked at themselves recently? Are they qualified to help obese Americans? The answer is “most certainly” because their credentials will overrule the common sense that is required to offer diet recommendations to the obese. Additionally, their mandatory continuing medical education (CME) courses, given by the very drug companies that will now offer FDA approved obesity drugs, will dictate proper prescribing for the obese. Obesity is no longer about food. It’s about control. Remember Fen Phen? Here we go again!

If you’re overweight, please know that it isn’t too late to avoid this impending political change. Eat right, exercise with regularity and allow your doctor to watch the miraculous changes that one of his patients had because they became proactive with their own health. You can do this now and it’s free, by simply getting started.




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