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Lakeshore Guardrian June 2010

Doug Kaufmann
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June 2010 Column

Q…Dear Doug,    
I just read about 2/3 of your book “The Fungus Link to Health Problems”, taking notes all the while. A fantastic, common sense book filled with superb information. Yet, not once was a source offered to all those who asked for a referral to a like-minded M.D. in their area.


Is there some legal reason you don’t give out doctor’s names? Isn’t there some way for me to find a practitioner in my area who will prescribe antifungals – without having to go to appointment after appointment? That is so costly, so time consuming, so exhausting – and I need help A.S.A.P! I have a fungal mass in my sphenoid sinus and the E.N.T. specialist will only talk surgery (a very dangerous surgery) and twice refused my request for prescription antifungals! I have begun all of the other naturals treatments you have suggested including the diet, but in my case I believe an Rx is warranted. Surely there is someone out there who has a way to reference good “mycologists” who can and will write a prescription. Please help me! Thank you so much.
Chris from Phoenix

A…Chris, this is an excellent question. I can’t tell you how many times in the past I have been let down by physicians I have referred people to. While contemplating this dilemma, I realized that many, if not most health problems might resolve by following a program that we outlined in the 8 books that we have written thus far.  Virtually every day our offices hear testimonials on how yet another individual has been helped while adhering to an anti-fungal approach. I suspect that you have a sinus mycetoma. In 2008, the Ear Nose and Throat Medical Journal write this about sinus mycetomas:


“A mycetoma is a colonization of benign fungal hyphae in the sinonasal cavity. It may develop in response to changes in the local microenvironment, such as those that can occur after surgery or radiotherapy. Some patients with a mycetoma may complain of chronic sinusitis, while others are asymptomatic. (1) One type of mycetoma is caused by actinomycetes (actinomycetomas) and another by true fungi (sinonasal masses). (2) Mycetomas represent the most common form of fungal sinusitis, and they are more common in women than in men. (3,4) The most frequently involved sinus is the maxillary sinus. Whereas invasive fungal sinusitis is more common in immunocompromised patients, mycetomas are more often seen in immunocompetent patients. (3,5) Studies to date have not identified any deficiencies of IgA, IgM, IgG, or IgG subclasses in patients diagnosed with mycetoma, findings that support the predilection of mycetoma infection for immunocompetent patients. (3) Although mycetomas are most common in tropical climates, they are also seen in temperate regions. Clinically, mycetomas can present as solid masses, and they may be misdiagnosed as soft-tissue tumors. (6) Causative organisms include Aspergillus species, Fusarium species, Bipolaris species, Curvularia lunata, and Pseudallescheria boydii. (7)”

If I were you, I’d be using a good anti-fungal nasal spray, like oregano oil based or olive leaf sprays (N. America Herb Spice or Seagate Products) and follow an anti-fungal approach for a year. I’d tell my ENT doctor that I am experimenting on shrinking this mass myself and that I will require his assistance in periodically scanning the mass to determine if it is shrinking.  

Chris, I do not believe that sinus fungal masses are rare. I believe that accurate diagnoses are. Ironically, the Mayo Clinic documented that virtually every chronic sinusitis case is directly linked to fungus. If your ENT doctors refuse to prescribe anti-fungal medications despite the documentation that exists confirming the need for them, I’d find a new doctor…that is what I’d do, but you must do it yourself. Perhaps the above references will assist you. 

Q…Dear Doug, 
About 3 years ago my daughter started breaking out in a psoritic type rash around her ears. We weren’t too concerned about it because her father has always struggled with psoriasis on his elbows and knees (typical of what we are familiar with as psoriasis). Before long, however, Emily was absolutely covered with the rash and it itched and burned. It was on her head, in her belly button, eye lids, ears, everywhere. We tried various creams and salves but nothing gave her any relief. I am a Quantum Energetics practitioner which is a form of natural health care. Nothing that I was able to do was of any use either. I took her to see her pediatrician where she was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis and was told to visit the dermatologist. He also diagnosed her with guttate psoriasis, and said that there really isn’t anything that could be done outside of using steroid creams and tar. Because she was covered over 80% of her body that didn’t seem feasible, not to mention the fact that she screamed in pain when we tried a little bit of it on one of the smaller lesions. The dermatologist suggested I bring her in everyday and give her light therapy. We live 60 miles from town so that was really not an option either. So, I searched for answers on the internet. My search led me to find a connection between psoriasis and gluten so we went on a gluten free diet. We did not see any dramatic results with this diet, but stuck with it, feeling that we were on the right track. I knew it had to be a nutritional issue. We then sought extensive blood testing. The internist I worked with on this recommended many supplements, but wasn’t able to pin point the issue. He did tell me that she had an old infection, but that’s all he knew. We also had a Alcat allergy test drawn and streamlined her diet based on those results. Nothing we tried did any good. Her symptoms really fluctuated throughout the year. Late summer and fall have been her worse times, and she has always cleared up a bit during the winter months, but has never been completely free of it. So, many of my well meaning clients  and friends have presented the latest magic bullet, miracle cure but nothing we did resulted in any healing. For 3 years, she didn’t swim, she wore long socks, long shorts and long sleeve shirts to play sports. Her skin was so tender it would crack and bleed through her clothing. Any sweat on her skin stung and there had been many nights that she woke up in tears for the pain. A bath seemed to calm the inflammed skin but there seemed to be no real answer for her. 

Last summer client of mine who has struggled for many years with fibromyalgia told me about a person named Doug Kaufman, and the anti-fungal diet he had developed. My client had been using the diet and seeing great results with her condition. She suggested I try it with Emily.  Admittedly, I didn’t give it much credence because, although I knew my client meant well and was trying to help, I was tired of being disappointed. However, she was faithful to the diet and was seeing great results with her situation. So, I looked into it. My husband and I  talked it over with our daughter and we decided to try it as a family. After only the first week we were seeing results and knew it for sure when we went to a movie and let her have popcorn. She was worse again by the time we got home. So, for 3 months we were very faithful to the diet and were thrilled with the results we were seeing. However, by late summer, early fall she was flaring up again and the diet was no longer controlling her symptoms. I knew it was time to try a medication. I had heard Doug talk about Diflucan so I looked into it and learned that that is one of the few anti-fungals that will cross the blood brain barrier. I knew this infection was deeply embedded so that was the medication I thought would be best. I had heard Doug mention Diflucan and it seemed relatively safe. I took her to a local clinic to request the medicine and was refused because “it’s psoriasis, not a fungus”. The Dr. did, however, suggest that I take her for a skin culture to rule out fungus. So, I made an appointment with another dermatologist. She was extremely rude, and did not at all appreciate the way my husband and I had decided to deal with Emily’s condition up to this point (using diet, and natural creams). “It’s psoriasis, put Vaseline on her and give her lots of baths. Learn to live with it,” was her response to me when I requested the medication and a skin culture. I insisted on the culture and she finally did agree to do it but would have nothing to do with prescribing the Diflucan.  We took a bacterial culture and a fungal culture. In a month the results were back. It was positive for alternaria fungus and negative for bacteria. The Dr. still refused to give her a medication as “there wasn’t enough fungus on the skin to warrant a medication. Live with it.” What parent would be willing to simply live with a child who was suffering so greatly, would she if it were her daughter? So, I took the results to a PA at the local clinic. He refused me as well. I don’t know if anyone can begin to imagine the frustration I felt at knowing what was wrong with Emily and not being able to do a thing to help her! Finally, and praise God, a chiropractor who had been working with my daughter was able to get me an appointment with a nurse practitioner who was willing to hear me out and did prescribe the Diflucan. She put her on a 3 week dose. After a couple weeks we started seeing dramatic results, and with the exception of a few small lesions Emily’s skin is clear. We are still following the diet, and are on anti-fungal supplements as well as probiotics. Her skin where she had the lesions is discolored, as if there is no pigment there, but the lesions are gone! I’ve nearly driven myself crazy wondering how things got so out of control with her. She had thrush as a baby and has had several vaginal yeast infections. But what really connected the dots for me was to learn that yeast/fungus (among many other undesirables) is a main ingredient in the hebB vaccine that we so readily give our children, like lambs to the slaughter (What the Pharmaceitical Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Vaccines, by Dr. Todd M. Elsner, pp. 15-16) So, my reason for wanting to tell this story is 4 fold. First, to thank Doug Kaufman for pioneering this work and being such an advocate for health. I also thank God. Matthew 7:7 says Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. When we humbled ourselves before the Lord and sought His wisdom through fasting and prayer, He led us to Doug’s website and diet. Next, I urge anyone who is stuggling with any kind of health issue to please consider treating it as fungus and by all means, be persistant! And lastly, for the doctors who may read this: I pray that you are willing to look beyond your protocols for disease, and be willing to try something that may seem a little unconventional for the sake of your client’s health. You may be surprised at how many new referrals you receive as a result!

Thank you and God bless!
Kellie Linn

A…You letter typifies what I have dealt with for decades. It is my opinion that our physicians today are wrong in many of their diagnostic and therefore treatment decisions. It is every persons job to prevent them from being dead wrong.  

Kellie, in their defense (if one is even plausible), doctors are kept ignorant of fungal infections in their medical training. Why? I truly don’t know, but if I had to make a best guess it would be because there are thousands of antibiotics to prescribe, yet only a small handful of anti-fungal medications. Therefore, they must surmise, EVERY infection must be bacterial. As your letter accurately states, even in the presence of facts to document your daughters’ fungal disease, they still denied medications to relieve her. They are not mean spirited people, rather tremendously intelligent, ignorant people. Several years ago, pharmaceutical companies were approved to give medical personnel the CME units (Continue Medical Education) that all are required by law to have. The day of approval became the day the fox entered the henhouse. It is inconceivable to me that no one sees the blatant conflict of interest that this represents. No longer is any physician or nurse able to freely learn about nutrition, exercise, supplements or diet as key factors in illness. Rather, like they learn exactly what drug companies want to teach them. If there is any consolation for we, the people, know that they have been wrong before and made it right. 60 years ago today, four out of five physicians smoked Camel cigarettes. 

I am thrilled to hear that Emily is better. Systemic mycoses take longer to heal than local fungal infections like ringworm. More of the same should have her feeling like new within a few years. Most importantly your letter teaches us that hope exists. In people, there is little, but in God there is always a way out of the darkness.  To those reading this, please know that neither Kellie nor I are anti-doctors or anti-medication.  Rather, we want you to know that you must be totally in control in any medical situation and as I stated in the above letter from Chris, the onus is on you to find the light in that darkness.



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