Is This A Joke? Another Vaccine?

Doug Kaufmann
Added to the litany of questionable vaccines comes this new one that is “one step closer” to becoming approved.  University of Michigan researchers have developed a urinary tract infection (UTI) vaccine. 


While I agree that something must be done since UTI’s account for 8.3 million doctor visits annually, I once again believe that researchers would better serve the public by determining the cause, rather than jabbing the needle.  As we have discussed before UTI’s might cost we taxpayers a whopping $700 to figure out that certain bacteria and fungi grows on exterior body parts, that once submerged in other body parts in the presence of heat and moisture, might account for “passage and activation” of symptoms typical of those seen in UTI patients.  According to one medical website, “women are especially prone to UTI’s for reasons that are not yet well understood.”  OK, back to anatomy class we go!

If you’re right, Doug, why does my child have UTI’s?

Obviously, we are exposed to bacteria and fungus in different ways. To better understand this let me offer this analogy. For 60 years, virtually every chronic sinus condition has been treated with antibiotics. Doctors have wrongfully assumed that bacteria causes sinusitis.  A Mayo Clinic study in 1999 found that virtually all-chronic sinusitis conditions were caused by fungus! I contend that treating a fungal infection with an antibiotic is like treating fire with gasoline.  Science agrees, as we know that antibiotics feed yeast as well as we know that gasoline feeds fire.  Once a doctor believes that bacteria causes all infections, and orders an antibiotic for a specific infection caused by yeast, the antibiotic almost guarantees continuation, worsening and chronicity of that health problem.  The same can be said for infections anywhere in the body including the bladder.  So a child’s yeast induced bladder infection, treated wrongfully, becomes a chronic bladder infections and the cycle of antibiotics and head scratching begins.

Do you think this vaccine is necessary?



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