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Is Salt OK On The Kaufmann Diet?

Is Salt OK On The Kaufmann Diet?
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Your body needs salt. Here is what you should know.

Ask anyone in health, and they’ll tell you; Americans consume too much salt. In fact, the volume of salt that Americans consume is linked to high blood pressure, one of the underlying factors behind heart disease. Like many things in America, we’ve taken a good thing a little too far.

The truth is, your body needs salt. That is why it is a flavor we all crave. Food purveyors know this, and to that end, they have given the people what they want. Many fast food restaurants have a day’s worth of the recommended amount of sodium packed into a single meal. Given Americans’ penchant for living off of fast food, it is no wonder that three meals a day with that much sodium might be a salt overload. And, it is no wonder that it subsequently might be causing us health problems.

What about for those on The Kaufmann Diet, though? Is salt ok? How much do you need? What kind should I use?

While salt is not typically thought of as an anti-fungal, there is some evidence that it can be beneficial somewhat in that regard. This, of course, is not an encouragement to overdo it with salt; it is simply to say that including it in your diet will not negatively affect any sort of underlying fungal issue.

So, salt is permitted on the Kaufmann Diet. Use it in tandem with lots of herbs and spices to make your food delicious.

Furthermore, it might be a good thing to make sure you are getting enough of it. Typically, many people opt to cook the majority of their meals when switching to the Kaufmann Diet. This is undoubtedly a good thing. However, when many people switch to cooking fresh foods, they often do not use enough salt.

This can be somewhat detrimental, particularly if you are exercising and sweating regularly in addition to eating on the diet. Sodium is an electrolyte––these are necessary for proper bodily function. 2,400mg is the daily recommended amount of sodium, but needs may vary depending on the individual and activity level. (If you have questions related to health problems about what your salt/sodium intake should be, consult your physician.)

Certainly, too, it might be beneficial to make sure you are not getting too much while on the Kaufmann Diet too. Foods like bacon, smoked fish, certain broths and other foods that are technically allowed on the diet often contain a high amount of sodium. While most processed foods and the like are eliminated on the diet (which are the places you would expect to see excess sodium), some extra salty foods may be sneaking into your diet, even if you are sticking to the permitted foods.

Is there a particular kind of salt you should use while on the Kaufmann Diet? Some people prefer sea salt, others prefer kosher salt. It can depend on what you are cooking. Kosher salt is known to dissolve well in recipes. Sea salt has a higher mineral content than other salts, but the mineral value is fairly negligible. Iodized salt contains iodine, a vital nutrient for thyroid health that many people likely do not get enough of (unless you are eating foods like seaweed, sea vegetables and some other specific foods). Some chefs say the taste has a metallic characteristic. There are numerous other kinds available, but like salting your food, using the different kinds available can be done to taste.

Regardless, salt is something you should not be afraid to reasonably include on the Kaufmann Diet.

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