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Is Organic Corn OK?

Organic Corn
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Corn is an important plant when it comes to our enormous food economy; it is one of the most commonly gown crops in the United States. It can be used to make a wide variety of products, from food, to fuel, to plastic. You can concentrate its sugar, starches, or eat it in its raw or minimally processed form. With its symbolism going back to the birth of the United States, corn is an economic and culinary pillar of American society. Corn, however, isn’t allowed on The Kaufmann Diet. 

Understandably, many people miss their corn chips, corn tortillas, cornbread or just plain corn on the cob. So if you are missing corn, is it OK to substitute organic corn or corn products for conventional corn? Does that make it any better, or at least permissible on the diet?

Seemingly, organic corn should be better; organic varieties of food cannot be genetically modified, nor can they be doused with many of the harmful pesticides that so many other crops are sprayed with. But the problem with corn isn’t the pesticides. The problem with corn is that corn is usually contaminated with mycotoxins. 

Corn is prone to fungal infestation, particularly in the storage process. In silos, corn can grow different kinds of mold or fungi, and under certain conditions those organisms can produce poisons called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are very harmful to humans and animals and are linked to a wide variety of diseases, including cancer. Likely, almost all corn is contaminated with some trace of these poisons, and it is wise to assume any products made with corn or corn derivatives likely are, as well. 

This is the same regardless of conventional or organic status. In some cases, organic varieties––because of the limited number of pesticides used in organic farming––might even be at a heightened risk for mycotoxin contamination. 

When you are on the Kaufmann Diet, regardless of whether you buy organic or not, you should avoid corn. This also means avoiding foods like corn syrup, corn starch, corn meal, or any other corn derivative or product like corn chips, corn bread, or corn tortillas. 

The Kaufmann Diet eliminates foods at a heightened risk for mycotoxin contamination, because these poisons can be so harmful to our health; furthermore, these poisons might be responsible for many of the health problems people experience, all while flying under the radar of our brightest and best in healthcare. 

Because of corn’s versatility as a crop, you will likely be shocked at the extent to which corn is in everything. This might, however, offer some explanation for why so many people experience so many health problems in today’s age. This also underscores the necessity to read the ingredients on the labels of prepackaged food. While you are on The Kaufmann Diet, you should avoid anything containing corn––organic or not––at all costs. 


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