I Started The Kaufmann 1 Diet And My Cholesterol Went Up Why?

Fungi are living organisms and in human/fungal cell relationships, fungi are the dominant cells!  REALLY!  The total elimination of fungus from our bodies is difficult, but as you begin starving them or killing them, a phenomenon called “die off” sometimes begins.


You will know if you have die off because your symptoms become amplified. I believe that high blood fat levels are a function of a blood stream fungal condition. Doctors wholeheartedly disagree arguing that fungi in the blood stream would kill a person. Of course, I’ve got to wonder why so many blood stream antifungal medications exist, if this were true. Those needing them would be dead!

A good test for you would have been to take a cholesterol test before beginning the Kaufmann 1 diet, then another a few days after starting the diet. If the cholesterol went up simply by changing your diet, you’ve got to begin thinking of what it was in the blood stream that might have caused such a reaction. Since yeast and fungi become starved while on the diet, that may be your answer! Hope this explanation helps! Doug

PS….after a month on the diet, take another cholesterol test-much lower, right?


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