I loved Michael Clarke Duncan! I had no idea that this brilliant actor had suffered a heart attack a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. I don’t know if this was the case in his death, but I am getting so tired of hearing that hospitalized patients “died of complication.” You know how I feel. 


A wrong move on a chessboard means that a well-meaning opponent beat you, but a wrong move by a well-meaning health care provider in a hospital means you die. Apparently, he was in that hospital for a few weeks. I’m of the belief that many mistakes occur in healthcare facilities and more deaths than we want to know, or talk about, are the end result. And how I wish hospitals knew of the disease reversals their own dieticians could contribute to-if their education allowed it.

Michael was 54 years old! 54!!! What might have been a pivotal decision that the actor made that may have inadvertently contributed to his early demise? In the quote from the above article regarding his death, we read these few words; “In the spring of 2012, Clarke had appeared in a video for PETA, the animal rights organization, in which he spoke of how much better he felt since becoming a vegetarian three years earlier. I cleared out my refrigerator, about $5,000 worth of meat,” he said. “I’m a lot healthier than I was when I was eating meat.” There are a lot of healthy vegetarians, just as there are many healthy meat eaters.

My concern is simple. Based on a rock solid body of evidence, our grain supply in America is commonly contaminated with heart damaging poisonous fungal by-product called “mycotoxins.” Why aren’t we all dead? Because offsetting the heart damage that mycotoxins can cause is the heart benefits that greens, like spinach and kale in our diets offer. Rest In Peace, Michael!

Yahoo article on Michael Clarke Duncan


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