Hurricane Sandy Leaves Much More Than Huge Financial Losses.

It seems that all we are hearing about in the news today is the billions of dollars that insurance companies will be spending to assist those who suffered from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy this past October.

But there is more, MUCH MORE that the media should be telling those whose homes and lives were devastated by the hurricane. Their health issues now may very well be linked to exposure to toxic fungi.

Anytime a home has water damage, it also has mold damage. The symptoms you may be experiencing now (cough, itching, pain, depression) depends upon the species of fungi that may be living in your previously water damaged home.

As I have taught these past decades, exposure to fungi is damaging in that many species make poisonous byproducts called mycotoxins. Some of the mycotoxins cause very serious, sometimes life threatening, symptoms and diseases, including cancer.


Unfortunately, the onus is on you to tell any doctor that you see about how these symptoms began after exposure in your water damaged home. Doctors still do not know this and most are unaware of how to treat it. Successful treatment relies in killing these fungi inside your body and also, since they can parasitize man, starving them. Systemic antifungal drugs like Diflucan can be prescribed. Since most supplements are also antifungal, these may help additionally. Work with a doctor that is open to prescribing antifungal medication for a few weeks, enabling you to know that these symptoms are definitely linked to exposure to fungi.

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