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How Would You Handle Cataracts?

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Have you ever used a microscope, perhaps in school? Did you ever have a cloudy lens that frustrated you? Here is what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says about cloudy microscopy lenses: “Humidity causes fungal growth on the surfaces of lenses and prisms.

This can cause cloudiness of the view field and rusting of metal parts of the microscope.”

Welcome to cataracts! Whereas it is 75 degrees where you are now reading this, it is 98.6 degrees in the liquid within your eye (vitreous humor). I believe that cloudy microscope lenses are analogous to cloudy eye lenses. You won’t find an eye doctor who agrees with me, but you’ll find hundreds that will tell you that aging, exposure to sunlight, diabetes, prescriptive drugs and genetics causes them. Surgery is often recommended, whereas, they will tell you that a diet rich in whole grains could have prevented them. I don’t believe it is ever too late to ask your eye doctor to prescribe Diflucan for one week while simultaneously making carrot juice a breakfast staple and avoiding all grains, including sugar and “whole grains” completely. Within 30 days, are the cataracts better? More of the same should be helpful.

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