How Pseudo flowers confirm Pseudo cancer

In collaboration with Dr David Seimens at Black Hills State University, graduate student Anand Varma has come one step closer to confirming my belief that fungus is intimately involved in human cancers. Varma has discovered that fungus manipulates the wild mustard plant and creates a completely different plant that he calls a “pseudo flower.”

Ordinarily wild mustard plants produce small white flowers that bloom late in the season. The mustard plants fungal infection now suppresses its ability to produce it’s own flowers. Instead, it begins blooming early with large, sweet smelling yellow flowers and modified leaves. Now that the mustard plant genetically modified, mustard pollen is no longer produced by it. Rather the plant begins producing fungus. As the wind spreads the fungus to nearby plants, they too become infected with fungus and begin producing fungus instead of pollen as this vicious and destructive cycle continues.

MY TAKE-This is genetic hijacking, plain and simple! How many cancer patients feel as though their cells have been hijacked? Indeed, I believe they have!
Non-genetically modified mustard plants produce mustard plant pollen and Non-genetically modified human cells produce health. No matter what species, genetic changes interfere with health and normalcy.
What isn’t reported in the article is what is occurring on a genetic level. As you may know, I believe that human cancer is the convergence of two independent sources of DNA; plant (fungus) DNA and human DNA. 75% of fungi are of the “ascomycetes” variety; they grow in sacs, require sugar to fuel them and enlarge without oxygen (anaerobically). A newly formed hybrid configuration develops after the DNA’s converge and slowly begins growing inside a sac that is soon diagnosed as “cancer.” Researchers aren’t illiterate or non-caring people. This simply isn’t published for two reasons
1. As this article points out, this is brand new and researchers are totally unaware of such a phenomenon.
2. The mind can’t even speculate what would ensue because human hybrids seem to be science fiction. 
Antifungals are now being confirmed as “anti-cancer” pills. Alcohol, antibiotics, carbohydrates and starches (ie…grains) are now implicated as contributing to cancer, yet researchers remain unaware as to what those may have in common. Of course, you know, because you read my blogs and watch KNOW THE CAUSE. And now you know that fungal mycotoxins are “the cause” of cancer. One day, they will too. Shall we wait for that epiphany to occur, or be proactive with our lifestyles right now? The choice is not our doctors….it is ours.


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