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How one changed word would have led to a Nobel Prize in Medicine

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Was it only a few decades ago that women were told that if their mothers or grandmothers had breast cancer, it was only a matter of time until they had breast cancer?  Men also learned this from their urologists about prostate cancer; if your dad had it, eventually so will you!”

Then science progressed the theory of “epi-genetics” that taught that it was a woman (or a man’s) lifestyle that predisposed them to serious illnesses, like heart attacks and cancer, rather than the DNA from mom or dad. Epigenetics considers the environment we live in, in addition to our genetic predisposal to a given disease.

Then to further “rock the boat of conventional wisdom”, Susan Love, MD, wrote The Breast Book in 2005.  In it she attested that perhaps only 5-10% of breast cancers were genetically driven.  Todays’ scientists must search for the cause of cancer, rather than teaching patients that it was their grandparents’ or parents’ fault.  Scientists have done a very poor job of isolating the cause of cancer, but I believe that is because they were never taught Mycology, the study of fungus, during their medical training.

Now a new study has been published that comes very close to confirming the cause of cancer.  It should excite all of us who study both cancer and Clinical Mycology.  The study appears in the February 7, 2022 journal, Metabolites.  Since about 300-500 species of fungi make poisonous fungal “metabolites,” without even understanding why, this was the perfectly named journal to publish their findings in.  Of course, these are wonderfully brilliant scientists who have no idea how close they are to solving the cancer puzzle. They state, “The data presented here show that >90% of cancers are initiated by environmental exposures (the exposome) which lead to cancer-inducing genetic changes. The fact that cancer is an acquired disease, initiated through decades of chronic exposures, is often forgotten by those who view cancer purely through a genetic lens.”  Simply replace the word “exposome,” with the word, “aflatoxin” and they would have been responsible for discovering the cause of cancer. That is huge, but they don’t know that aflatoxins are already being used to cause “cancer-induced genetic changes” in lab animals.  Scientists must induce cancer in lab animals to study cancer drugs.  They do this by injecting – you guess it – the scientifically-proven cancer-causing, Aspergillus mold mycotoxin called aflatoxin.  As their article attested, it takes chronic exposure to aflatoxin to cause cancer in mammals, hence the animals are inoculated over an extended period of time.  Yes, fungus causes cases of cancer!

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