Food Poisoning

Every possible germ referenced-except fungus

Physicians rely heavily on their peers and peer-reviewed publications for their diagnostic knowledge. I cringed after reading a “clinical focus” Medscape article entitled FOOD POISONING: FIND THE SOURCE, IDENTIFY THE CAUSE. 
(Mescape link requires login to view) 

Theoretically, this article should be all about fungus and their poisonous mycotoxins that commonly contaminate our foods.

Eating moldy foods causes food poisoning. But the words “fungus” and “mycotoxins,” not surprisingly, were not used at all in discussing the causes of food poisoning in the five case studies presented in this paper. I say “not surprisingly” not to be disrespectful, rather to express my disappointment when, once again, physicians will see “peanut borne illness” and think “bacteria.”

After hearing from thousands and thousands of people and watching an ad on TV the other night emphasizing the BETA GLUCAN content of cheerios, I realize the impact that Know The Cause is having. While I remain so proud of the education we offer, I wish our healers could learn about fungus.

When articles like this one continue to be published on medical websites, doctors continue to learn that food borne illnesses are anything but fungal. Nothing could be further than the truth. It may take the truth longer to reach those we rely on for healing, but the important thing is that you are learning the role of fungus in all illness.


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