Fill’er Up!

Doug Kaufmann
For 40 years I’ve had to listen to mainstream medicine tell me that fungus cannot cause health problems. At very least they have moved from that posture, erroneous as it is, to this new one; “fungus might cause slight allergic reactions.” Little do they understand the errors of their educational system. 

  Are they aware of a fungus called, Mucor? It is a fluffy gray-white fungus and it can kill a human being in a matter of days. One website said this about the disease (mucormycosis) caused by the fungus, Mucor; 

“Mucormycosis is a rare but serious fungal infection that rapidly attacks and usually kills its untreated victim…”

We continue to learn about fungus and the sometimes-unfortunate consequences of our contact with it. A website called “Armed With Science” teaches us today that, Yale University researchers have found a fungus on dead trees that makes compounds similar to gasoline! Of course they are searching for new fuel sources sans dependency on foreign stocks, and I believe that is a good thing. 

Fungus makes compounds similar to gasoline? Fungus can’t hurt us? Those two don’t go together, do they? Which is wrong? 

Let them be wrong as you continue to search for health, but don’t let them be dead wrong. If your suffering continues, try to find a physician who understands fungus.
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