Fighting Candida With Exercise


Can Exercise Protect Against Pathogenic Fungi?

We all know that exercise comes with a legion of benefits; the more science studies exercise, the more we realize what an important role it plays in health.

– Exercise is critical for maintaining good heart health; it can lower blood pressure, improve circulation, assist in lowering cholesterol, and strengthen the heart.

– We know that exercise, along with diet, can dramatically lower the risk of getting cancer and lower the risk of dying from cancer.

– Exercise is also crucial for maintaining healthy weight, preventing obesity, and preventing diabetes.

– Not only does exercise boost energy, it can also promote healthy sleep.

There really are very few facets of health that exercise does not benefit.

There is another piece that is often left out, however, when it comes to the benefits of exercise. Exercise may also beneficial at fighting Candida and other pathogenic fungi within the body.

Those that are on The Kaufmann Diet, which is a comprehensive anti-fungal program, know that pathogenic fungi in the body can cause a variety of very serious health problems. Despite this, very rarely would your doctor, or most physicians, implicate fungi or yeast in the body as causing any sort of serious issue. Because of this, often times, fungal infections go undiagnosed; yet people who might have a fungal infection continue suffering with their symptoms.

The Kaufmann Diet is a program designed to starve pathogenic fungi of their preferred food source: Sugar. By eliminating sugar––and carbohydrates that turn to sugar very quickly during digestion––it is possible to begin starving these parasitic organisms.


Simultaneously, the Kaufmann Diet eliminates foods known to be contaminated with fungal poisons, called mycotoxins. The diet excludes foods like wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, alcohol, sugar, and potatoes, among other foods. Mycotoxins are known to cause a variety of health problems in humans, all the way from esoteric symptoms like tremors, to symptoms like compromised immunity and cancer.

Along with dietary measures, it is possible to use exercise to help make the body very inhospitable to pathogenic fungi. Many parasitic fungi thrive anaerobically, or in the absence of oxygen. When you exercise, however, you flood the body with oxygen; this process can assist in making it very hard for pathogenic yeasts and fungi to survive, particularly in conjunction with an anti-fungal diet and supplements.  

If you have already begun Kaufmann 1 of the Kaufmann Diet, good for you! The next step is to include a sensible exercise regimen. Not only will you benefit from the tremendous power of exercise’s health-promoting properties, but you will also make it that much more difficult for fungi and yeasts to proliferate within your body.

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