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Fear Vs Faith – How I Beat Cancer!

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Ahhh…October! It’s actually my favorite time of year. Not only because our spirits greet the crispness of the Autumn air with open arms, but because my birthday falls around this time, and I truly am humbled and honored towards our God, the Creator of the universe to bestow upon me another birthday to celebrate! Why?


Well, in all honesty, it’s not because October is Susan G. Koman’s “Race For The Cure” that has me excited (frankly, it doesn’t, and their funds, they claim go to “the cure”…uh…as Doug would say…”Is that so?”), that is another subject for another time, however, it was a little over one year ago that I was “racing” against time to save my life!

In July of 2011, I discovered a “lump” in my breast which turned out to be malignant and contained in the mass. Immediately my body and mind were filled with “dread” cutting through my soul and creating a deep sinking pit in my stomach. FEAR was taunting me, fear had enveloped me. All I could think about was how cancer had claimed the life of my beloved sister, Yolanda, back in 2008 and now this evil fungus had been stalking me all this time. My life is now changed forever, I thought.

Enter in one amazing gift from God, who actually did help change my life forever. Doug Kaufmann, who has become my mentor, tutor, and all around great friend! “Know the Cause” taught me, that what people don’t know can hurt them. It’s all about knowledge and informed choices, and being comfortable with them.

We took that FEAR together, and hit it out of the ballpark! The Bible says that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”, I was on my way to recovery because my faith was strengthened in the form of getting the lump surgically removed (I chose not to get a biopsy after my mammogram, and I have made the choice, that for future screenings I will go with MRI’s or Thermography). Your choice may be different than mine, and that’s OK, but make sure it’s based on current knowledge, and not merely on anxiety which produces FEAR, and fear is toxic! I did have surgery, but I chose not to have PET, liver, or bone scans afterward because the lump was encapsulated. Research shows that radiation can cause cancer, and I don’t want it near cells that may be vulnerable. I chose to take on my battle with a healthy immune system through Doug’s Kaufmann 1 and 2 antifungal diet, high quality supplements, exercise, stress reduction, knowledge and faith.

I was able to quickly learn and make the personal transformation to a truly healthy lifestyle, and all my tests show that I am cancer free today. My Doctors tell me that I have a strong immune system and especially a POSITIVE attitude! I have lost 35 pounds and eliminated a pre-diabetic condition that I didn’t even know I had.

Thanks to my experience, and to Doug and his amazing experts on his show, I now coach others who are going through cancer (not just breast cancer), and other diseases, as well as prevention. Many of my clients choose forms of traditional treatments. I am your battle-buddy for prevention or going through the storm, developing a personalized anti-fungal plan, as well as being a “listening ear”, “holding your hand”, and being a friend with my thoughts, and prayers for facing the “fears” that go through every human body when they are told they have the “Big C”. I NEVER cast judgment on personal decisions for diet, doctors or treatments. Your relationship with your doctors is special and should be developed to serve your needs and interests. It is wise to consult with Doctors that will partner with you on your journey for health and wellness and educate you on their recommendations.

With all that being said, don’t rely on maybe’s and half-truths. That’s where FEAR gets you…Faith is believing, strengthened by knowledge. Faith is “Knowing The Cause!” Should you like to know more about “My Story”, my website address is:


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