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Erased Immunity

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About 49 million prescriptions are dispensed ONLY to outpatient American children annually. Their own publications estimate that 10 million of those prescriptions-about 20%-are unnecessary. In addition, of course, tens of millions of antibiotic prescriptions are written for inpatient children and all adults. Two studies appeared online on March 23, 2016. One in Gastroenterology, states that 3 or more antibiotics prior to the age of 2 increases the relative risk of obesity by age 4 by 25%.

Apparently, if you stretch the timelines on dispensing antibotics, a different conclusion can be achieved, which was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Although JAMA confirms that statistically, antibiotics do cause weight gain, but by tweaked the 2-4 year age ranges to 6 months to 7 years, they found that overall no statistical link was found between infant exposure to antibiotics and weight gain by 7 years old. Manipulating numbers effectively changes the outcome. Lead JAMA author, Joe Skelton, MD, reassures parents that for now, antibiotics are unlikely to put their children at risk for obesity later in life.

It strikes me as odd that Gastroenterology journal calls for caution, while JAMA throws caution to the wind, and does so on the same day that a red flag is waived. I’ve got to wonder how many antibiotic ads are within the pages of JAMA. If every parent knew about the many other side effects of fungal mycotoxins (antibiotics), including cancer and other diseases, perhaps they would begin to study diet and safe alternatives available to their children.

Studies like these, in my opinion, are “surface smoke screens”, warning (or calming) parents about relatively insignificant side effects like weight gain, so the more dangerous effects of these drugs can remain submerged. Before I leave this earth, I hope that the truth about the dangers of fungal mycotoxins, be they in the air we breathe or the antibiotics we are dispensed, is finally known. Your child’s immune system is in his gut. Erasing immunity by ridding the gut of the good bacteria providing immunity is extremely hazardous to his health, but not immediately.

Yes, some children get diarrhea or tummy aches after a round of antibiotics, but I contend that it takes decades before the consequences of “erased immunity” surfaces, hence the inability of our medical community to acknowledge any dangers associated with swallowing mycotoxic antibiotics. Tummy aches at 2 years old is nothing compared to the obvious array of symptoms and diseases that fungi cause to humans.

We had very few autoimmune diseases before antibiotics were invented. Today we have almost 100 autoimmune diseases. Is rocket science a prerequisite to figuring this out?

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