Ep 57 – What Is “Recall Healing”?


December 8th, 2017


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Host: Doug Kaufmann
Guest: Michelle LaMasa-Schrader, PhD, MSc, M.A.


Show Notes

02:00 – What is the story of Recall Healing?
02:33 – Stress creates specific symptoms
03:50 – Real examples of Recall Healing success
04:45 – “Name It, Claim It, Dump It”
08:40 – How this found Dr. Shrader
12:50 – “We all suffer from post-traumatic stress”
13:35 – How well do men do with this therapy?
16:00 – What are the expectations for someone do this therapy?
22:00 – Why traditional psychotherapy sometimes doesn’t work


Michelle LaMasa-Schrader, Ph.D., MSc, M.A.

began her journey with Recall Healing in 2007. She has spent extensive time studying and training with GilbertRenaud. Recall Healing quickly became Dr. Michelle’s passion when she witnessed countless testimonies and stories of individuals shifting their health challenges by understanding the underlying meaning behind their issues.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, a Master of Arts in Religious Studies, a Master of Science in Psychology, and Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine. Michelle obtained her Ph.D. at Saybrook University, where she focused her research on the experience of Recall Healing.

Dr. Michelle has trained in German New Medicine, Neuro Emotional Technique, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Coaching, and Imagery for Health; she is certified in Mind-Body Medicine through the Center of Mind-Body Medicine, and has over twenty years experience in education.

She loves teaching individuals tools that enable them to make connections, claim past pain, and to incorporate healthier ways of being. She is excited about sharing her knowledge in Recall Healing and looks forward to working with you.

Recall Healing Resources

The Book “Pyramid of Health” can be purchased here, on her Website
Join Michelle and Dr. De Wet at one of their Upcoming Workshop Events
If you have any questions or want to contact Dr. Michelle LaMasa-Schrader click here.