Ep 52 – Is Sugar The New Tobacco?


Aug 1st, 2017

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Doug Kaufmann
Dr. Fred Pescatore


1:00 – 150 pounds of sugar per person consumed each year
1:40 – 6 of the top 10 leading causes of death caused by sugar
           11 cancers directly related to sugar
2:30 – “It took 4 months to consume the amount we eat in an hour…”
3:00 – The problems associated with sugar
3:55 – What about grains and fruits?
5:15 – Is sugar addiction real?
7:00 – How long to break this kind of addiction?
8:40 – “I can change people’s lives in two weeks…”
9:45 – Fungus can dictate addictions
14:00 – Two places in America with the lowest obesity rates, and why
15:15 – There’s no system for eating well in America
16:30 – What happens when doctors aren’t interested in healthy living
17:30 – The grandmother who understood the importance of nutrition
19:00 – Only 3 hours of nutrition taught at the #1 medical school in the country
20:20 – A couple of things every person could do now to begin improving health


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