Ep 44 – How Integrative Oncology Offers Hope For Cancer Patients


March 28th, 2017

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Show Notes:

Doug Kaufmann
Jonathan Stegall, MD 

1:10 – What is Integrative Oncology?
2:15 – “My doctor said nutrition doesn’t really matter”
4:25 – Possible lifestyle reasons why cancer rates are rising
5:30 – Questioning the “one size fits all” approach to cancer treatment
8:00 – How many types of cancer are there, really?
10:10 – IV Vitamin C’s role in cancer treatment
12:00 – How 40% of all cancer can be prevented
13:10 – The importance of healthy weight and nutrition in cancer prevention
15:20 – The biggest enemy of the cancer patient
15:45 – “Everyone has options”

Website: DrStegall.com

Phone: 770-551-2730

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