Ep 43 – Actively Participating In Your Own Recovery, and Road Stories

March 22nd, 2017

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Doug Kaufmann
Kyle Drew

Show Notes:
:40 – Lung cancer testimony from Oklahoma City
1:50 – Is it a mistake thinking antifungals will work optimally without diet change?
4:50 – People ask questions, then become testimonials
5:30 – Yeast feeds on sugar; changing diet when taking antifungals
6:55 – We must participate in our own recovery
7:55 – Infertility testimonial
10:00 – Prostate disease testimonial
10:45 – Questioning the PSA test
11:45 – Anonymous gift revealing startling questions about statin drugs
12:45 – The hospital official sees berry extract boost immunity, but afraid to promote it
17:00 – Superfruit extracts; “I just killed Doug Kaufmann!”
20:20 – Scientists surprised when food helps health issues
22:50 – “The berry was antifungal”

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