Gluten Intolerance Symptoms?

Gluten Sensitivity vs. Mycotoxin Exposure

Wheat is commonly contaminated with a fungus that makes a poisonous substance called a “mycotoxin.” Physicians and most researchers are unaware of mycotoxins. Many of us absolutely know that wheat causes us misery and we are hungry for any physician to diagnose “wheatitis.” Somewhere along the line,it is likely that when some well-meaning physician set out to “know the cause” of wheatitis he suggested that one of the fractions of wheat, called “gluten” was the villain. Soon blood serum tests, specific to gluten were developed and BINGO, we had an epidemic. As it turns out, many people test positive gluten intolerance. But what does a positive gluten antibody test really diagnose?

Gluten sensitivity is diagnosed when a fraction of wheat is detected in the blood stream after leaking through the intestinal wall. The doctor will tell you that you have “made antibodies” to gluten, indicating a positive blood test result. But disease-causing fungi can permeate (poke holes through) the intestines and many foods from our diet leak out, including fractions of those foods, like casein in milk and gluten in wheat. Unfortunately, physicians misinterpret these tests to diagnose “gluten sensitivity.” Worse, when his patients eliminate wheat, they feel better for a period of time. Then they get sick again. There is a reason for this.

All that these gluten blood tests show is that our immune system made protective antibodies to gluten. As I have long contended, this should never diagnose gluten intolerance symptoms. Rather it shows that wheat was eaten, chewed up, and swallowed. Afterwards, large enough gluten particles escaped through the intestines (thanks to fungus, AKA natures “whole punchers”) and activate our white blood cells (T-Cells) to produce antibodies to gluten. Whereas these tests are being used to diagnose gluten sensitivity today, I contend that gluten antibodies mean nothing more than you’ve eaten a lot of wheat. Most importantly, however, these tests mean you have gut permeability, or these tests would have been negative.

I believe that the fungus that commonly impregnates our American wheat supply hitches a “saliva ride” to the intestines after we chew it up and swallow it. Remember, this fungus is bad stuff, fully capable of causing illness and disease. Poisonous byproducts now sitting in our intestines begin fermenting and breaching the intestinal walls. Many foods leak out, but because “gluten intolerance symptoms” are the new “swine flu,” everyone with stomach problems gets tested for the presence of antibodies to gluten. Sure enough, most react and are thrilled to know that the villain was gluten. They avoid wheat and feel better

Unfortunately, corn and sugar are gluten free. The doctor can almost guarantee return visits from all of those he has tested and diagnosed as having a gluten allergy symptom, because these corn and sugar have more fungus in them than wheat. The cycle is now complete as you scratch your head in the doctor’s waiting room wondering why you had no stomach problems for 2 months. You’re still avoiding wheat and you’re sick again! Now you “know the cause.”

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