Diabetes Drugs Work for Melanoma

Now that we have established that diabetes drugs are also antifungal drugs (Do We Even Need This Drug? / The Fungus Link to Diabetes – More Proof!), it is time to broaden our understanding of why these drugs are helping battle other disease beside diabetes.

The June 2013 Issue of the medical journal, Cancer Cell expounds upon the ability of an older diabetes drug, when used in conjunction with anticancer drugs, to effectively “deprive melanoma tumors of the metabolic dynamos that allow melanoma to survive therapy.” They state that the combination “could destroy a subset of drug-resistant cells within the tumor.”

MY TAKE- Do you wonder why it is that a simple, old diabetes drug, could also destroy cells inside of a cancer tumor that were previously resistant to cancer drugs alone? Recall that cancer therapy is an indiscriminant cell killer whose objective it is to kill cancer cells before it kills too many human cells.

A Sergeant friend in Vietnam had a bad rash on his leg and he used to scratch it with his rifle, claiming that his rifle actually had two uses, one to heal and the other to kill. The same can now be said of this newly discovered cancer drug duo; cancer drugs apparently kill while diabetes drugs apparently heal.

This, of course is the tip of the iceberg, as more and more indirect credit will be given to the fungus link to disease. I say “indirect” because it is very apparent as I read these articles that the doctors have no idea why some drugs work and others don’t. But you do and that is what is important. To me, it’s really quite simple; Diabetes drugs kill fungus. But what caused the melanoma in the first place? Keep checking back~



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