Diabetes and Fungus – More Proof


This article on Science Daily opened with this quote:

fungus-link-diabetes“It promises to be a simple and elegant strategy to heal diabetes type 1: Replacing the destroyed beta-cells in the bodies of patients with newly-produced insulin-secreting cells. For years, researchers around the globe tried various approaches with stem or adult cells in order to induce this transformation. Their effort lead to a fundamental understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of beta cells — however, a compound capable of doing the trick was missing.”

It turns out that the missing compound, a component of the herb Sweet Wormwood, called “Artemisnin” also has antifungal and anticancer properties as well.

To summarize, a natural herb, currently being used to treat malaria, which just happens to also kill cancer cells and heal Type 1 diabetics, coincidentally just happens to kill fungus! Right?

Am I the only one in the world that sees the fungal link to malaria, cancer and Diabetes?

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