Darwin and Drugs

 The opening sentence:
“Scientists at The University of Manchester have discovered a way of speeding up the creation of perfect drug combinations, which could help patients recovering from critical health problems such as stroke, heart attacks and cancer.”

  My first impression is… WHAT? Are we currently using “imperfect” methods of prescribing multiple drugs to patients? Does the patient and his family know this? Does the prescribing doctor know this?

Middle of article:
“Most non-infectious disease, such as cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s are worsened by inflammation…”

My next impression is… I believe just the opposite.  I believe that pathogenic, infectious fungus will one day be proven to be the cause of all three of these (and hundreds of other) diseases, and science is now starting to prove this. OK… I’m starting to question their credibility.

Toward the end of the article:
“We have devised a strategy, based on Darwinian evolution, to make this considerably easier.”

My impression… OK, this is a joke, right? 

This is not a joke. Welcome to the world of modern medicine… PLEASE LEARN TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.
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