Could This Be The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight?

“I’ve tried everything, but my weight will NOT budge.” I’ve heard this hundreds of times from frustrated people who have counted calories, limited how much fat they eat, exercised to exhaustion each day, juiced, and detoxed – yet without meaningful, sustainable results.


A new article published last week confirms what Doug Kaufmann has said for years. Namely, those antibiotics may have a profoundly disrupting effect on our health, and even our ability to maintain proper bodyweight.

The article primarily focuses on how antibiotics can cause children to struggle with proper weight. The rush to give antibiotics to children is compelling, especially if you’re a new parent and your baby is sick. But parents need to be aware of side effects, weight gain being only one of them.

 Antibiotics aren’t only given to us early in life, and they’re not only given to us when we’re sick. Our food supply also is a constant source of antibiotic exposure. This is one reason why natural health professionals have warned us about the potential dangers of tainted foods, and encourage us to eat as clean as possible.
It is my opinion that our incessant exposure to antibiotics from cradle to grave can cripple our ability to lose weight and feel great. A health plan that doesn’t address this problem is woefully incomplete.



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