COPD and Asthma: Addressing The Underlying Cause


During a recent scientific meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), doctors learned that their patients breathing problems require a “differential diagnosis.” This is because people with two separate breathing disorders, asthma or Chronic Obstructive Breathing Disorder (COPD), may have similar symptoms, but, as the doctors learned, the diseases have different causes and even different treatments.

As you might guess, they learned about the difficulty that lies in an accurate diagnosis, but right or wrong, each was followed immediately with a prescription of either cortisone for asthma patients, or bronchodilators for COPD patients. Each, of course, erases the symptoms of the diseases for a short time. without addressing the underlying cause. To their benefit, however, the doctors do recommend a “thorough history and physical examination.”

My Take

I do not believe that any patient with breathing problems receives a “thorough history” unless the doctor inquires about mold. This being the case, the most relevant questions would be;

1. Have you ever lived in or visited a moldy building, or a home that has leaked water or smells like mold?

2. Does alcohol worsen your breathing problems?

3. Have you ever taken rounds of antibiotics?

The influence that drug companies have on physicians and their prescription habits is as well recorded as the fungus link to breathing disorders. But whereas the former require a physician, the latter sometimes eliminates him. If fungus is “the cause,” then avoidance, a changed diet and supplements may provide not only relief, but in some cases, an accurate diagnosis. In my opinion, in the case of breathing disorders, the right diagnosis should only occur after ruling out mold (fungus).

Always talk to your respiratory doctor about mold exposure and if it is not life threatening (in which I recommend immediate medication use) tell him of your willingness to self-assess a possible mold link to your breathing condition. If mold (fungus) is not the cause, medications may assist until you discover “the cause” and successfully eliminate it. But if mold is the cause, you can breath easier, knowing that you now have the most important health information that you, or any of the doctors who attended this medical meeting, ever dreamt of!

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