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Cold and Flu Regimen – What to Do?

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Right now, I happen to be under the weight of a cold. It’s not fun, and I’ve forgotten how badly being sick can knock you down. The aches, chills, fever, persistent cough, the works.

Under normal circumstances, I might be inclined to go see a doctor. I would go, they would take my vitals, maybe do a throat culture. I’d describe my symptoms to the nurses and the doctor. I may walk out with an antibiotic, some other prescription, or be directed to purchase some over the counter medicine. Rest, and see what happens.

There is no doubt that antibiotics are overprescribed; even mainstream medical thought has shifted to this paradigm. The overprescription of antibiotics has cause many pathogens that were once easily controlled to grow resistant to even our most powerful drugs; not least of these is the virulent MRSa. Often times, in the case of a virus, an antibiotic isn’t even designed to fight the bug you’re infected with. Antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses. Still, people go to a doctor seeking relief, and after paying money, walking out with nothing might make some people feel cheated. Hopefully this rarely happens, but your physician’s decision to prescribe you an antibiotic may be influenced by something other than your immediate condition – click *THIS* link to read an article on conflicts of interest.

In addition to antibiotic drugs, there may be a darker side to antibiotics that is less well known. Antibiotics are mycotoxins, poisonous byproducts of fungi and molds. Mycotoxins are implicated in many very serious health conditions. The work here at Know the Cause centers around the role fungi and mycotoxins play in ill health. Needless to say, taking an antibiotic, especially in the case of a virus where it is more or less useless, we feel represents a huge health risk. (Only your doctor can tell you if you need an antibiotic, and we would never, ever recommend you forgo his or her advice. He or she will be better equipped to discuss these risks with you.)

So, what do I do when I’m fighting a cold? I think diet is very important; specifically, I switch to a Kaufmann 1 diet, which excludes grains, sugar, corn, potatoes, starch, alcohol and antibiotics (unless a doctor says they are absolutely necessary.) Water and rest are critical – flushing your insides with water will help your immune system beat whatever it is ailing you. I like to keep hot, herbal tea on hand, too. I keep a couple of powerful antimicrobials on hand: grapefruit seed extract is a must for me. I buy the liquid variety and dilute it in water. Grapefruit seed extract is extremely versatile and extremely powerful. Oregano oil is also a powerful tool for your supplement cabinet. Oregano oil annihilates fungus, and has proven antimicrobial effects. Beta Glucan is a powerful immune booster. Vitamin C can also be helpful.

Colds are no fun, and the quicker you get over them the better. Be urged, however, to use caution when taking an antibiotic or any form of drug. Your body’s immune system is a remarkable tool; giving it the tools it needs to fight pathogens may be a better long term strategy than popping pills.

Link to Conflicts of Interest Article

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