Cheese and Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Cheese and Dairy isn’t what it was 50 years ago. An array of synthetic hormones, anti-biotics, and an unnatural diet given to dairy cows have turned cow’s milk into a chemical soup whose health benefits have been widely debated. New Zealand has even gone so far as to ban rBST, the hormone used to make cows produce more milk. Of course, we are still using it in the USA, purportedly to increase milk production, but we don’t need more milk!

Milk and and many milk products contain lactose; those last three letters in lactose denote sugar (sucrOSE, glucOSE, etc.). Lactose is milk sugar, and since sugar is to be avoided on Kaufmann 1, milk is certainly excluded. Whey protein is also not allowed on Kaufmann 1 because of it’s lactose content. Cheese made from milk contains lactose as well, and should therefore be avoided. Also, some cheeses are made using fungi. These include blue-veined cheeses, Cambert and Brie. These are not allowed on Kaufmann 1 or 2 diets.

A couple dairy products are allowed on the Kaufmann 1 diet, one of which is plain yogurt (especially of the goat variety). The organic variety (no hormones or anti-biotics) from grass-fed cows is also highly recommended. Plain yogurt is encouraged because it contains healthy acidophilus bacteria. Acidophilus helps replace good bacteria in the GI tract that get destroyed by yeast or their mycotoxins such as anti-biotics, and may help with a variety of digestive problems.

Real butter is also allowed on Kaufmann 1. Butter substitutes (ironically, the ones mainstream medicine claims to be the “safe” alternatives) are not. Hydrogenated oils, such as the ones used in the making of butter substitutes and cooking oils, have been implicated in a number of diseases and molecularly resemble plastic more than real butter (appetizing, huh?). Butter from organic, grass fed cows on the other hand is high in CLA, a great anti-fungal nutrient. CLA was discovered in 1987 by Michael Pariza. It had been observed that mice given a beef extract and then exposed to a potent carcinogen developed 20% fewer tumors. In addition to anti-cancer properties, CLA has been shown to protect against cardiovascular disease and aid in reducing body fat, making it great for weight loss. Cheese and Dairy oh how you have changed…

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