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CDC Says Think Fungus – So How Can I Tell If I Have A Fungal Overgrowth?

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CDC: Think Fungus!

Once again this year, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) has elected to give fungus its due respect! Their theme hasn’t changed since last years CDC event, so let me offer this overview as a means of both thanking and educating you. Had I never returned home from Vietnam with so many strange health problems in 1971, I would never be able to teach you about this CDC promotional. Few really qualify to do so, since most every infectious disease is thought by doctors to be bacterial, not fungal. But living through that misery and finding my way out by myself probably qualifies me to teach you what I learned about fungus and its ability to make you miserable.

First, thank you for your loyalty through the years to both the Know The Cause TV show and to my Facebook followers and YouTube Subscribers.  There is little doubt that you would have left me long ago if what I taught was not intimately related to you or a loved one, or was ineffective.

Thousands of you have given my work a “thumbs up,” and that means the world to me.  At times I’ve felt like a salmon swimming up steam, but you were always rooting for me and always referring your loved ones to my work.


Let’s first see what the CDC has to say about Fungal Disease Awareness Week, review this short “Think Fungus!” video done by the CDC.


Here are some of the highlights of that video that I will be discussing on this weeks live shows.

THINK FUNGUS if you have symptoms that don’t get better with treatment.

  • Fungal infections like Candida in your bloodstream and Valley Fever may be less common, but these can cause serious illness or even death!
  • Inhaling fungal particles in the air or simply touching fungi on surfaces can cause fungal infections.
  • Serious fungal infections are more likely to develop in people with weakened immune system….or those taking certain medications
  • Fungal diseases are not diagnosed immediately because their symptoms can be similar to those of other diseases.

INVITED THE CDC TO COME ON MY TV SHOW AND THEY RESPONDED TO THAT INVITATION. THEY WERE NOT AVAILABLE TO BE INTERVIEWED. Their comments were very supportive and I’ll share some of them with you during these live events.

I would like to welcome you to join us for our LIVE shows during Fungal Disease Awareness Week.

Subscribe to Youtube channel (Click the Bell to receive notifications) and Like us on Facebook. Our LIVE show is simulcasted LIVE on both YouTube and Facebook.

 OCTOBER 2nd: LIVE Q & A Show @ 3 PM Central Time

CDC Says “Think Fungus” But How Can I Tell If it’s A Fungal Infection

OCTOBER 3rd: LIVE Q & A Show – 10 AM Central Time

CDC Says “Think Fungus”…So should I think Antifungal

OCTOBER 4th: LIVE Q & A Show – 3 PM Central Time

A New Approach to Eliminating Candida (And Other Disease-Causing Fungi)



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